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Next Season

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I know we are in the thick of the final push this season but can we start a discussion on next years schedule? We can keep adding to it all through the summer as more info becomes available. Who do we have a series going with. I know we'll have Canisius next season at home but where else are we going or who's coming?

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What follows is simply speculation on my part. One of my assumptions, however, is that for some schools, we probably entered into a "home and home" agreement, whereby they play at our place one year, and we play at their place for one year. This assumption is why I put Columbia, Lehigh, St. Francis, and Central Conn. State on the 2008-09 speculative schedule set out below.



at Columbia

at Lehigh

Central Conn. State (SEFCU)

Canisius (SEFCU)*

at Siena (?)

at Kansas

at Depaul University

at St. Francis


BOLD: Games in bold are what I speculate to be return games as part of a home and home agreement based on the fact that we played these teams in 2007-08 (but not 2006-07).


*Return game from the February 23, 2008, ESPN Bracketbuster game at Canisius.



UAMA2000's Wish List (or suggestions) for 2008-2009:

1. A home and home series with Marist (MAAC) (because I live exactly halfway between Marist and UAlbany and because the enemy (Marist) of our enemy (Siena) is our friend).

2. at UMASS (I-90 rivalry someday?)

3. A home and home versus Rhode Island (if they would agree) because I want Rhode Island to join the Northeast State School Conference, i.e., America East!

4. A home and home (or simply at) University of Buffalo!

5. A home and home versus Colgate of the Patriot League (strong local following, easy school to travel to; save travel costs yet play a team from an okay conference).

6. A home and home versus Hofstra

7. A home and home versus some NEC team: Long Island (lots of UAlbany fans on Strong Island), Monmouth (heck, why not -- we see them in football, right?), Wagner (doesn't Siena's old coach, Mike Deane, coach at Wagner?), or Quinnipiac (easy enough road trip; undoubtedly some local graduates in Albany)

8. at Army or at Navy of the Patriot League (because the men and women in the armed forces rock and it would be an honor to play and visit them).

9. A home and home with Cornell again (because we owe them one after last spring at Princeton (LAX) and because it's always nice to play another SUNY school (me taking a shot at Cornell; the Ag School and Vet School, to name just two, are SUNY, and everyone I know who went to Cornell graduated from the SUNY part of Cornell)).

10. And, finally, at Wisconsin or at Michigan (because I grew up in Ann Arbor and because my entire family, for the most part, graduated from Wisconsin, and I would love a road trip to the Midwest!).

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What follows is simply speculation on my part:


at Columbia

at Lehigh

Canisius (SEFCU)

at Siena (?)

Central Conn. State (SEFCU)

at Sacred Heart (even though we went to their place two years ago)

Texas A&M (SEFCU)








... just kidding on the A&M


WE are done with Sacred Heart and Central Ct. as far as contracts go. Same with Bucknell. We are at Kansas and at DePaul.

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They are ridiculous. We don't stand much of a chance other than a fighters chance. I will be at that game. I sat with Kansas alums at the BC-Kansas game...about 5 rows up behind the Kansas bench. They are big...quick...and young. Even though they graduate a bunch of guys...BC was pretty bad so Kansas played the youngins. They dominated BC (heck...I think we could beat BC next year)...and I do mean DOMINATED. It was one of the biggest ass-whuppins I have ever witnessed live. Men amongst boys.


Brett Gifford played AAU against KU's new center for next year...Aldrich. AAU to DI hoops-- totally different game. Aldrich is RIPPED and he has some good low post moves. Very athletic.


That being said...I could give a rats ass how bad we lose...this is PHOG ALLEN FIELD HOUSE folks...arguably the MECCA of on-campus college arenas!!!

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