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Hey all,


I'm attempting to compile every AE team's out of conference schedule on the blog. One, its a way to get people to continue coming and visiting, and two, I'd rather talk about something different than Minja Kovacevic (about 1100 visits in two days (Wednesday-Thursday) and my numbers for Friday are going to be huge since I got linked to AOL Fanhouse (no, I didn't send them the links either), pretty much all going to articles related to him...traffic is nice, but I was hoping it would be basketball related, not about someone's criminal activity). So if there is anything anyone comes across, Albany or any other AE team, shoot me an email at america.least@gmail.com, or leave a comment in the posting, which is going to be continually updated.





So far for the Dane's I've got, @Villanova, @Kansas, @DePaul, vs. Canisius and @Siena (is it technically considered a road game? or neutral court? I'm just guessing since its played at Siena's home building its a road game)



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I've heard that we will be going to Kansas and DePaul, I've heard nothing regarding Vellanova....is that confirmed? If yes, what is the source?



I heard Villanova at the basketball banquet; I don't remember exactly who told me, it wasn't Coach Brown but someone who would definitely know. I think it was Nov. 15 or 17.

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our OCC is a lot tougher than every other school in the conference. I think it's great we are playing the best of the best OCC to get the freshman some good experience and ready for conference play


Isn't it a bit early to judge? Or, what is your basis for it? I'm not denying that its a good schedule (and probably will be one of the better ones), but from the information I have on other teams, like BU, UVM and UMBC, they all have some nice looking schedules too...and we don't even know all of the games for other teams too, not that Stony Brook is going to be a world breaker this year, but all we know is that they are playing Dartmouth. It is just a bit incomplete I feel, considering we have more info about some teams than others.


None of the "best OOC" schedule stuff will matter though if the all the teams in the league don't take care of business and beat the teams it should like the Ivy, NEC, Patriot League, Independents...and then getting good records against the MAAC and CAA.


Anyways, thanks for the input on this everyone.

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Your right that it is a little early to judge, especially considering all the games have not been announced yet, but Kansas is the defending national champions, Villanova is traditionally a powerhouse in the Big East, and Depaul is normally a great team also. Add in a game against Siena who is returning just about everyone from that tourney team and I'd say thats a pretty nasty OCC. I know UMBC and and BU have games against Pitt, as well as GW but I guess I just feel based on paper, our OCC is a little deeper.

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I rock the Cape - no need to apologize, you're allowed your opinion and excitement - especially on a UA biased site.


None of us (except a few registered experts) can really evaluate the schedule now or even during the season, four potential Top 50 Teams is pretty decent for any AE team. Remember hindsight is always better then foresight.


Fans (fanatics) are suppose to hold their team in high regard. It would be great if every fan in the AE felt their upcoming schedule was the best. Its not like you're predicting UA will make it to the Final Four.

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Hartford has put together a really nice challenging slate too thus far:


Nov. 16 @ Philly Hoop Group Classic (Field: Villanova, URI, Penn State, Towson, Niagara, Monmouth, NJIT)

Nov. 17 @ UConn

Dec. 22 @ Baylor

Dec. 30 @ Stanford




The AE will be playing UConn, Baylor, Stanford, Villanova, Pitt, Kansas, Notre Dame that we know of...all of those teams figure to be Top 25 teams next season (maybe not Stanford)...last year it seemed like the league didn't play that many big name, top 25 teams for that current year (meaning, teams might have played big name programs, but they weren't top 25 caliber last season--Duke and Pitt were about the only ones really), so its nice to see these teams getting scheduled this year.

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