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Dr. McElroy at halftime of the football game

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Did he mention anything regarding the proposed stadium ... or anything football related?



No. Very dissapointing questioning by Wyland.


He asked about the lacrosse stadium (nothing specific just that it looked nice) and he had the chance to ask about the football stadium but didn't. I was disappointed. Especially considering it was halftime of the football game.

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The only good question Wyland has asked in his life is for his wife's hand in marriage.


I dont expect much out of the man. Only man I know with inside access and who completely botches it.



I will say that I do think Wyland is a good play-by-play guy. Especially after having listened to a bunch of other schools' announcers during this FCS world tour we went on.

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Hey...it is the truth. I met her once and she seemed very genuine! He is a very lucky man in the wife department.


However, he simply doesnt ask POWERFUL questions when needed...toeing the status quo line. Now, I will say, some of it is probably to keep his access however, frankly, with the leverage UA doesnt have with most media outlets except for Rodger announcing and Fox, he probably would be given some leeway on questions.

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During some of these interviews does Dr. Mc have the right to know the questions in advance or to tell the interviewer that a topic is off base right know????



I would imagine that the hafltime interviews are pre-approved (I don't know for sure though). I thought the exact same thing when Wyland didn't ask the question about the football stadium. It was such an appropriate question and one that everyone wants to hear about, the only reason I could come up with as to why he wouldn't ask it was if Dr. McElroy or Brian Depasquale had told him not to.


That's not good if you ask me.

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