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2009-2010 UAlbany Basketball Outlook

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So, I figure it's probably a little early for a thread like this, but talking lacrosse and football just doesn't do it for me, so I thought I would get a thread going for basketball that can hopefully spark some debate. What does everybody think about our squad heading into next season? Where do you think we rank in relation to other teams in the conference? Again, I know its early, just looking to get some talk going!

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I'm optimistic about the team next year. We have Ambrose and Harris as our two primary scorers, I think moving Harris to the PF position will help increase his numbers. I like Johnson at the Point because unlike Raffa he doesn't turn the ball over. I think Gifford should be a force this year, he is in his senior year and will want to go out on a high note. We will also have a healthy Barraza and a more experienced Allen which SHOULD make for a higher scoring team.


As for the new recruits and red shirts I've learned to not always believe the hype untill the B&G scrimage, hopefully they can come in provide some quality minutes.


I just hope that all 13 players including McRae buy into CB system and they want to stick it out for four years.


As for how we fit in with the rest of the confrence, I think we should be in the middle of the pack. UVM, BU, SBU and Bing are at the top. I pick us at 5 with UNH, UMBC, Hartford, and Maine.

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Undoubtedly...every year I get all pumped up, this season (yes, once March Madness is over, I consider the following year this season) I'll be just as pumped, to bad it's like 6 month's away.


- We have a proven commodity in Timmy and Will who will be the leaders and the face of this team this year, especially Timmy. Now in his junior year, he should really come into his own. Moving Will tot he 4 spot should also help as he is strong enough to play on the inside in this conference, we all know he's a prolific rebounded and scorer when healthy. He was being talked about as a potential first team guy to start the conference portion of the schedule. It took Will a while to get going because he didn't expect to play but one he got it going he was a really nice player. He needs to work on his consistency and keep himself motivated instead of floating around on the perimeter and launching bombs. If he can focus on keeping his game to within 15 feet, with an occasional deep shot to keep the defense honest, he can be a great player for us next season.


- I know none of us have really seen many of the guys who were hurt or red shirted last season but I'm especially excited to see Jake and Logan. Both of them should provide a nice boost to our outside shooting which will even further open things up for Timmy, Will and Mike who are all slashers.


- I know Giff is much maligned by opposing fans but I really feel like his last year will be his banner year.


- I'm hopeful that Mike will work on his shot so he can at least be proficient at it to keep the defense honest, as far as PG go he did a much better job taking care of the ball and distributing then Anthony, but his lack of shooting allowed the defender to sag off of him or help.


- I've learned over the last couple of seasons to rely very little on the incoming recruits...hopefully we'll be able to get some minutes out of them and some production but we should have enough to be competitive should it take them a bit longer to get going.


- I'm hopeful that the offense will finally show some signs of life....I know last years team was derailed by injuries but at times it was very difficult to watch, very stagnant offense. Hopefully this roster will be more equipped to put some points up.


- On Defense, I'm not sure who will take the place of Jerel who I perhaps undervalued a bit....when he was in the game, he almost always guarded the opposing teams best guard/wing.


- Kill me if you must for my optimism but this is the time to be optimistic (summer)....I think we finish top 3 or 4!


Just some random thoughts about this season.

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i believe mcrae is one of the most important factors in how they do next year. in the limited amount of time that we saw him he was able to produce. he....can shoot from the outside.


Ugh..that's the one thing I didn't/don't want to see him do..he shot 19% for the year..3-16..I think he made one of his first couple shots early in the season and all of a sudden he thought he was a 3-point shooter..he was extremely effective when sticking around the basket.

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I've been 50/50 on if McRae comes back but I'm glad many of you are planning on him coming back. He could really help us. I'm with Phoenix about his outside shooting, I'd rather see him committed to owning the paint that short-term leasing the three point line. If his role works out he could have a Fuller (Bing) type season, blocking shots and scoring in the paint.


If Harris plays the four spot I really seem him, Giff and McRae all benefitting from Johnson running the point. I though Giff was was a different player offensively when MJ was in.


I didn't think it was Johnson's lack of shooting that was the biggest problem. I thought it having to play both Johnson and Hastings at the same time, neither of whom were snipers from the outside. Hopefully we can fill that spot with a shooter although I doubt the defense can be as good as Hastings.

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