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Realistic Expectations

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As we get closer to the start of practice and season and reading through the "Hot Seat" thread it got me thinking...what are some realistic expectations for this team? IMO....


- Top 4 finish in the AE

- Winning record overall

- Winning OOC record

- Tim and Will on All-AE squads

- RPI somewhere in the 100-150 range


Do any of you have different expectations....are these realistic? I understand that we haven't seen the team yet.

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There really is no way to set realistic expectations because of all the new faces on this team. Most, if not all of us have not seen any of these new players. there are so many questions I have personally that it would be hard to set expectations. As long as the team plays hard and shows improvement in areas that were a problem last year (Offense, turnovers, etc...) then I will be happy. It will be very hard to rack up wins with the out of conference schedule we have. I would love to see them be competitive against the OOC teams and be in the top half of the AmEast but you never know. A lot of young players and players who have never played together. If this team finished in the Top 2-3 and win a tourney game I will view the season as a huge success.


The list above is ridiculous with the amount of new players we have. Siena is ranked 25th in the preseason poll, going to be VERY hard to win that game. That is realistic. 20 wins is also very hard with the OOC schedule we have unless we destroy the AmEast, which will be tough. I can't wait for the season and to see how this team gels and the way playing time is divided.


I do agree that Tim and Will need to play close to 30 mins a game and are allowed to create off the dribble.

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25 wins

Beat Siena and Syracuse

Sweet 16...


OK, maybe those will have to wait until next year.


I will take Bosiy's expectation. Maybe add that Tim Ambrose can probably compete for POY. I'm sure Blakely will travel his way to another POY award but I think Tim is right there.

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How about playing competitive against the 3 potential top 25 teams in our schedule (UNC, Cuse, Siena), maybe give at least 1 a bit of a scare. I think that a .500 OOC win percentage would be great, as would be maybe a 4th place finish or higher in conference. Ambrose should contend for POY if Brown plays him enough, and it'd also be nice for one of these new guys to contend for freshman of the year.

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