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Filling in the Gaps left by the Class of 2010


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The board is pretty dead so I thought I'd plug my new post at Purple and Gold Nation:



Earlier this summer, I unintentionally sparked a Giff/ Zoellner debate- and now I'm into the potential McRae flashed- when he finally secured playing time near the end of the season, I think he's the top post player we've had a UA in recent years (using the term "post player" I'm excluding Brent from consideration):


In the last month of the season, Scotty averaged 65% minutes (he began to tip the 30 minute mark), his offensive rating rose to 100.5 and his block rate skied to 7.9% (that mark would’ve been good enough for top 60 in the country)


As the season approaches, the biggest worry I have is about our interior game. I think a lot of our season, especially our defense, hinges on whether our young frontcourt players (Metcalf, Lindfors and Puk) develop into key role players. Can these three or Urli earn a starting position or will CB have to rely on bigs by committee? I also wonder what type of support Hatcher can add- he has strong rebounding numbers, but he also appears to project as more of a wing player.

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I haven't heard an update on Urli, I thought he had hip surgery recently. I thought he played fairly well offensively toward the end of last year. I was never that crazy about his rebounding.


I'd be happy with Metcalf starting this year.


Lindfors is a mystery to me. He played alot for a while and then disappeared. When he wasn't taking ill advised shots I thought he played pretty well. Maybe the closest thing we'll have to a shot blocker.


I agree with you about Hatcher. I thought of him as a SF and like the idea of a 6'7 guy at that spot. Hoopscoop likes him but of course we haven't see him play yet.

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Kinda what I expected, if your sad face thinks what I think it means. My hip is still killing me, and I am 6 months into rehab...and have strong frickin legs from snowboarding 60 days or so a year. They call hip surgery non-evasive these days because the scars aren't huge...but what they do to you is no joke. I saw some of the pics of what they did to me...and I wanted to vomit, and I 'aint squeemish.


Couldn't imagine playing at a collegiate intensity level....

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