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Spring Football is here. How does our squad look going into next year? I think we should be improved. The OOC schedule is less daunting then in years past. Colgate, Maine, and Columbia are all beatable. I hope these guys have painted bullseyes on Bryant, Duquesne, and CCSU. RMC was just a far better football team then we were last year.


The skill players look to be very good with Smith, Romain, Kirschner, and hopefully you will see increased production from Hutcherson and Gay. Paul Booker needs a breakout season at TE. QB needs to get better everyweek. I have to hand it to the coaching staff I dont know how they are going to distribute the ball to this many players. It is a good problem to have. I also like the threat of a running qb. It works well with our offense. I would love to see a wishbone package just to be old school.


The OLine (our weak link the last 2 seasons)with two starters returning looks to be going in the right direction in terms of getting bigger. The JUCO Center is 290lbs and should start. The remaining players competeing for playing time are anywhere from 6'4 to 6'7 and 285 to 310 according to the spring roster. How good, quick, agile, NASTY still remains to be seen. It would be wild to see an Albany Oline that looks like a UMASS or a Delaware with guys from 6'4 through 6'7 weighing no less than 290. If these 3 newbies have talent we could be a force upfront again. You give Romain a crease and he will get 4 yards a carry. Smith can pick up the short yards behind a JUMBO package. Boring but effective.



Defense next week.

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UA release


Singelais' story in the T-U says that Leathley's hand surgery has not cost him the starting QB job going into summer training camp.


We're trying to run plays as quickly as possible. WR Ryan Kirchner was quoted in the T-U the most, saying in the new fast-tempo offense we're trying to score on every play instead of thinking 'let's grind it out'. Ford told the team it's like a revolver, we're going to shoot, shoot, shoot and eventually one's going to go and we're going to take off.


Singelais also gave an oddly-specific count of 410 fans. I wonder where he got that?

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