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IL UAlbany Review 2013




Good read. A freshman netminder is going to have to learn D1 fast, but the article seems very high on him.


No excuses this year! This team has way too much talent to not start getting national attention again.


5-11 last season was a real disappointment. The goal should be at least to double the win total.

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We WILL score a ton of goals; but the defense as it has been since our fall from "national attention" will be the QUESTION? A stud goal tender [even though I thought Huber played pretty well last year] is a start. But the guys in front of the net and the middie D's must do something different/better/tougher/faster/whatever???? I never played lacrosse but have seen every home and a number of away games in the D1 era and scoring goals has never/rarely been our problem. 19th nationally in goals scored per game but 58th allowed {anyone know how many D1 teams--I think < 70} last year. The new rules, speeding up play,limiting stalling and the sort of shot clock, should help our style, but we simply must find some guys who can play D and get the ball out of our end and to the scorers.

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In case anyone is interested, we scrimmaged Colgate the pre-season 11/12th best team in the country. They have the returning Tewaaraton winner (the Heisman trophy of Lacrosse) on their roster. Official stats were not kept, but after quickly falling behind 0-4, Albany played very well and my very unofficial results have us winning by a goal (12-11 I think). I did not stay for the extra period [#5] that the teams played--{after all it was 26-28º with a crisp breeze}, but I am pretty sure we did out score Colgate by one in the regulation four periods. Another brave fan commented that he felt Colgate went longer than UA with its regulars. I do not know for sure about that: a number of UA players wore different #s from the roster I had printed of-line. It was a little hard to figure who was who; and a particularly good looking freshman who had two nice goals near the end of period 4 was suppose to be one # but was wearing another and neither # was listed. Anyhow, it is a little early to get too excited, but I feel UA Lacrosse may be BACK.

Any other brave souls who were there, your assessments will be appreciated!

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UAlbany 13-12 after 4th quarter.

Colgate 14-13 after 5th.


We have a scrimmage @ cornell on the 9th, and boy would I like to see the boys whoop their ass,

even if it's a scrimmage! After watching/listening to their fans at the ncaa quarterfinals, I've developed a nasty attitude

towards that college.


Regular season begins @ syracuse on the 17th... anyone planning on going?

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We all know the Resetarits impact on UA lacrosse. I was analyzing some numbers today.

Joe sits at #3 goals & #4 points on the UA career leaders list... Frank @ #2 g & #2 points.

Joe missed 11 games in 2010. Looks like his numbers would have been near identical to Frank's if he didn't get injured.


As for the Thompsons era... after two seasons:

Miles - 64 goals 37 assists 101 pts

Ty - 59 goals 15 assists 74 pts

& Lyle 22g, 16a, 38pts after first season.

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Excerpt from a Colgate player's blog about the scrimmage


We were calling out each other’s numbers and hooting and hollering to get everyone pumped up for the scrimmage. The high-energy warm up proved to be advantageous as we stormed out to a quick 4-0 lead over the Great Danes. The tough start did not faze Albany, as the Great Danes came back with 5 unanswered goals. The rest of the scrimmage proved to play pretty even with Albany ending with a 13-12 lead after the first 4 quarters. Being our last scrimmage before real competition we played 5 quarters in order to allow all of our players to get playing time. This 5th quarter proved to be exciting, with All County Brownie (Dennis Brown) Junior Trevor Atkins and Freshman Kevin Adams netting goals.

Overall the scrimmage was not our best effort. While the score was indicative of our play, our inability to maintain consistent play throughout the game was disappointing. Rather than continuing to blank the Great Danes after a hot start, we let them right back into the game with sloppy defensive and offensive play. On a brighter note faceoff man Robbie Grabher had an impressive day at the X winning approximately 70% of his draws.

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Excerpt from Cornell poster:


"Cornell 10 Albany 9.


Overall, I thought Cornell played a rather dirty game though and were penalized for it a few times. At one point Miles Thompson (who put on an exhibition and I'm sure was the overall leading scorer) threw a pass and was hit aggressively from behind (after the ball was released) and driven to the ground.....and stayed on the ground for a good couple of minutes and never returned. A real cheap shot....to the point that one of the Albany boys came off the bench to welcome him to the penalty box with a pretty nice shot of his own...he deserved it...it was either Bronzino or Buczek.


Cornell pretty much dominated the face off and the wing men came on aggressively to help with ground balls. It wasn't completely lopsided at the face, but Cornell definitely had the advantage. They were not able to, however, convert many transition opportunities into goals and took many, what I would consider, ill advised shots.


Albany was outmatched early on but proved themselves in that there was no quit in them and took no garbage from Cornell's aggressive physical play. They dished out a bit themselves. They also came back and scored at least 6 unanswered goals. When M. Thompson touched the ball he was double teamed and still managed to outscore everyone. A couple of beauties that started from below the knees a went in 3 inches under the pipe....lazers. Kid just has a nice stick, period.


Albany has potential. They too have some speed and physical defense men. Again, better conditions will help determine what they really have. They DO have a goalie who made some real nice saves...I think it was Riccadelli...absolutely stole a point blank goal...gorgeous save."

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