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Really good observations. It was COLD and the guys were wearing a lot of clothes.


I agree with you on the man down. Albany is one of the only teams I have ever seen that pretty much replaces the starters for a new unit on man down. It sure worked last year, but it didn't look good yesterday. The six on six D when the starters played looked solid.

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If they are not going to cover Fallon Field {aka Dane96 and others suggestion}; I see no reason to spend any money on Fallon at all. Rather spend money on SEFCU and/or Casey upgrades.

Lets clarify a few things: 1) He gave an incredible gift but it was not millions. It was $500k, if I recall correctly. 2) He banned football because of a grudge against Ford for cutting him. Think abo

Just appreciate the fact that we have a national championship caliber men’s lacrosse team. One considered the best in the country. It’s not parking for a Little League game.

Report on the scrimmage from a Colgate fan on LaxPower. Pretty much the same


Went to the scrimmage at Albany. This was the first scrimmage for Albany and it showed a bit in the offense early. Fields and Nanticoke are as advertised. Colgate offense was getting good looks on cage as Albany defense was getting itself accustomed to playing someone other than themselves. Colgate D looked good for the most part and recovered well on restarts and unsettled situations. It looks as if Colgate D is not sliding as quickly as they did last year with 10-12 yd slides and no chance of recovery. They seem to be more aggressive and pressing out further and harder. I had 4-3 Albany after 1.

Albany turned it up as they got their rhythm and I had them 8-4 at half. Colgate offense was still getting their looks but shots were not falling as placement could have been better. Opportunities were there.

Subs began in the 3rd quarter and Albany lit it up ending at 12-5. benches were emptied during the 4th quarter and the game ended at 13-11.

Colgate seems to be a very solid team and if they can capitalize on their opportunities, they will be in the top half of the PL.

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Looking for any reports of the scrimmage vs Princeton but can not find. Also an article in the Gazette says injuries are piling up. Tehoka not 100% with various ailments and Troy Reh may be out awhile and possibly red-shirt. Marr will not say what it is.

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Looking for any reports of the scrimmage vs Princeton but can not find. Also an article in the Gazette says injuries are piling up. Tehoka not 100% with various ailments and Troy Reh may be out awhile and possibly red-shirt. Marr will not say what it is.


In the second half of the Colgate scrimmage, Troy was on the sideline in what looked like a walking boot. I thought it odd at the time because I am pretty sure he played most of the first half and even some in the second?


Updates on Princeton and injuries appreciated!

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Comments on the LaxPower forum


Watched most of the scrimmage yesterday before the rain started getting to the kids. We really took it to Princeton. I wasn't keeping score but it was likely 13-15 to 1 or 2 at half. I'm no expert on Princeton so I'm not sure if they were full strength or not. TD dominated at X and we scored a lot of quick goals off of that. Jack Burgmaster and Nanticoke had multiple goals and then I had goals for Mcclancy, Troy Reh, TD, Fillipowski, Eccles, Fields, and Patterson. Troy Reh played well so hopefully he can tough out the injury. We had a nice rotation of LSMs after him so I think we'll be good there. Defense played well overall and JD made some nice saves when needed. All in all, a very nice outing for the danes. Looking forward to next weekend in the Dome!!!



Re: Albany 2018

New postby maps on Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:52 am

It looked to me like both teams didn't use some starters in the first quarter (Fields, Nanticoke, Sowers, Sims). I had it 3-2 Albany.


Those four played the second quarter. I had it 6-1 Albany. 9-3 at the half.


I stayed for some of the three period then left.


This was Albany's second scrimmage, right? Princeton's first; Ivy League teams start practicing later also I'm sure.



Re: Albany 2018

New postby CapRgnLax001 on Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:00 am

Yes, they played the "5th quarter", where the subs play, first. I was not counting that. The 2 quarters that our starters played was what I was referring to above.

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I didn't get too much more than what has already been said.


A few tidbits.


Sounded like the coaches wanted to rest some of the front line offensive guys to make sure they are as close to 100% as possible for Syracuse.


TD was a force.


Team defense was better. Didn't get any color on the man down unit


non starters on offense did much more against Princeton than in the Colgate scrimmage.

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Bring on the Cuse! Their board said a bit of rebuilding this season but after they destroyed Bing 21-4, they may be solid as usual or Bing is really bad.

Bing lost to Colgate today 21-7, so we know at least the second part is true
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