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[MBB] Game #29: 2/18/18 - 1:00pm - @ UMBC


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Whatever CB does I hope he brings in two quality BIGS - probably 1 JC ( hopefully 3 years eligibility) and 1 5th year .


With Healy, Rizzuto and de Sousa we should have depth on the perimeter with Healy and Rizzuto being excellent shooters and de Sousa giving us solid athleticism and scoring from the SF. Hopefully they can learn to defend.


CB has compared Lulka to Brent Wilson (I'll take that) and supposedly Hanks is learning/improving this season.


All 5 of them will have 4 years.



5 players potentially graduating in the same class sounds like an excellent recipe for continued success, assuming they all pan out and stay all 4 years. Percentages show that won't happen, but we will see how that plays out.


I wish there was more talent outside of Cremo and Nichols for next year in the form of a sophomore and/or junior who could confidently be inserted into the starting line up after solid minutes off the bench this year. I have this feeling that we won't be able to cash in on having a great 4 year player in Cremo and make it to the dance with him. Heart breaker last year, upset in his first year to Hartford. All signs point to it being a pretty tough road this year and next year there just doesn't seem to be an abundance of talent to backfill what we are losing this year.


The guys seeded ahead of us in the tourney, with the exception of Vermont, have the ability to lose to anyone though. Is it unthinkable that Hartford and/or UMBC get upset in round 1 due to nerves? If I were a two playing Stony Brook I wouldn't consider that a heavy mismatch. There could be an upset, it shuffles the deck a little bit, and we can avoid Vermont for one more round, assuming we get past UNH.


I know I am assuming we win round 1, but its not too far fetched to think that UMBC and/or Hartford get knocked off and then all the sudden the grass looks a little greener for us, if we get past UNH.

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Cremo and Nichols have had control of their own destiny as far as UA making the NCAAs. It's usually up to your stars to deliver the team to the promise land and they just haven't got it done "YET". In games we've needed them - they haven't been there consistently in the last 5 minutes of big games.


Hopefully they can change that this year or next year (hopefully both). We went to the NCAAs three consecutive years before they arrived.

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after a really really good non-conference start, a couple of totally winnable games against Memphis and Lou....to have this league season go the way it has is thoroughly a HUGE disappointment. Don't think I have ever been frustrated with a team as this one. Clearly the boys are worn down IMO. TOO MANY MINUTES. I get the bench is not what we need but clearly Joe has played way too many minutes as his game in the second half lately has become less than good. missed open shots, no lateral movement on D, not that he has much anyway, ill advised passes, unforced turnovers etc etc. When things go well he looks great but as this season has gone on, our starters are clearly fatigued....SUCKS big time.

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Certainly our 4 captains have not lit a fire under the team. May as well have Fruscio as the captain next year. At least he brings enthusiasm.


They would have to light a fire under their own asses.... they don't want to burn their sensitive, little tooshies.


Just don't understand how a team's energy level and intensity changes like night and day. If you played every game

like it's a championship game.......... February is the month to take this 'college basketball thing' seriously.


One play stood out to me, as one of the umbc players penetrated the lane, cremo was on the outside kinda guarding

his man, could have stepped down into his lane, and just sat there and watched. The twerp scored on a layup.


Hey, Albany, start moving around like this game means something to you. John Iati's club would destroy this team,

with energy and intensity alone.

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