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[MBB] Game #29: 2/18/18 - 1:00pm - @ UMBC


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I know it seems like I'm being negative but some major observations and I challenge anyone to debate this:


Cremo is a great players but has missed SEVERAL, SEVERAL big free throws throughout his career. I can name 4 games.


Campbell,unless major improvement, should play about 8 to 10 minutes next year.


This team does not get BIG/NEEDED defensive stops when it counts. Seems like never.


Bottom line is this is an extremely underachieving team. Extremely disappointing. The AE is terrible.

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3 points from the bench. 3 points. All of the good things that have been coming from our two person bench the past few games didn't show up today at all, and it proved to be the difference.


Lots of turnovers, they made more free throws than we took. We did have more rebounds, but the positives kind of end there. David and Travis didn't really have great games and while Devonte is an exceptional defender he has to find a way to be some type of threat on the offensive end. 4 points, 2 rebounds and 3 turnovers. Rebounds more, crash the offensive glass and get some put back, something.


Really a frustrating loss. I didn't think we were going to win by 40 again and I thought it would be a battle. I really liked our chances in a close game because typically UMBC would fold because they don't know how to win those type of games. Unfortunately and surprisingly it was Albany that folded this time. Not sure if we will be able to get it on track strong enough to make a push in the tourney this year. While we are capable of beating pretty much everyone, we are equally capable of losing to just about everyone.

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No help from Vermont today... Locked into 4 seed now... No chance catch 3 or 2...not a good in conference season.


Will need to ruminate on why it played out as it did but no depth and inconsistent nichols is the likely culprit. Campbell needs to be a 6th man next year to d up... Can't go out all season and play 4 on 5

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Coach on post game said Joe was sick (did not elaborate) @ 1/2 time and entire second 1/2. Said we missed a lot of wide open shots, sign of tired legs. Said umbc had a week off before this game while UA has played 3 straight on the road. He said now we have a week off and immediately corrected that to a week of hard work. He seemed as dejected as I ever can remember {maybe my wrong impression?}


Speaking of being wrong, I ADMIT I was one who thought we would win again by 40. Mea Culpa! I thought we had turned the corner, the bench was starting to give us just enough, to keep the starters fresh and we had pushed through our inconsistencies. Man WAS I WRONG! Now, I only HOPE we can somehow find the strength & resolve to come out of the fourth seed (as some past UA teams had) and finish strong.

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