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Friday Poll

Dane Pound

What does Northeastern leaving mean to the conference and UA?  

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I hope the defections aren't contagious because I really think things are looking up for the AE. Albany, Bing and to some extent the Brook are finding their footing in D1 and are starting to contribute to the conference instead of detract.

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I don't really have a concern about Northeastern leaving. My concern is who will replace them.


While I don't think there is any impact at all with Northeastern leaving, I don't want the AE to become a conference that teams use to transition to better things and have the AE look to the NEC for replacements.


There are basically three alternatives for the AE to replace teams (not that they have to replace Northeastern):

1. Get an NEC team

2. Get a team that is moving up from D2

3. Get a team that wants to move down to a lower conference (Hofstra?)


None of these scenarios is good for the conference future.



Of course UA will leave one day and I'll feel differently

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There are certainly a couple of 8 and 9 school conferences out there. No real need to rush out and grab a 10th school.

Central Conn State seems like such an obvious choice. Decent hoop program, good year this year in baseball and they are the only public school in the NEC. Geographically, right where you'd want them.

Outside of them I don't see anything promising. Someone on the AE board mentioned Army but I don't know how serious that was. Maybe one of the northern MEAC schools like Delaware State?

Hopefully UAlum's right and the AE can get it's conference RPI to around 20. As we all know we have been one of the main rpi-killing culprits the last few years. We should rememdy that this year.

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Sorry Dane Pound...I would take ANY NEC school before Delaware State. First...they are very south (all the way down the shore of Delaware. Second, they are awful academically. Third, they have woeful athletic support.


I woudln't be suprised if UA is not in this conference by the end of the decade.

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Any time a team leaves your conference for a perceived "upgrade", its bad public relations. I think that other schools and athletes will take note of this. The general public isn't aware of the behind-the-scenes things that went on, and are going to think that something is wrong with America East for people to be leaving.


People on the inside always think things are better than they really are. Fans of schools in the conferences are always loathe to really step back and take an honest look.


Sorry guys, I really think that is what is going on here. Anyone who really thinks the conference is stable and going to get "good" are fooling themselves. The conference is what it is. One of the bottom four or five in the country. I don't see that changing anytime soon.


So just be happy Albany has a conference that they will be able to COMPETE in.

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I pretty much agree with your thinking but I do feel that the AE RPI will improve this year and the conference standing should move up.


The Pomeroy rankings had the AE 25 out of 32 conferences and I believe we can move up to 22 if UA and UNH can gain a few more Out of Conference Ws.

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First let me say that I appreciate your posts on other boards - especially the CAA boards.


I don't know that Albany will leave the AE anytime soon for a couple of reasons. One is that they have not had success at this level so they won't be getting any invitations. Secondly, I think the football program will make a move when the NEC agreement expires - if there is a basketball move coming it will be tied to the football move.

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