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Need some help and advice...ASAP!


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Hey BFP'ers...need some help.


I will be in the Captial District to take my bar exam on July 26, 27, 28th. Suffice to say I am going to be a mental mess (I am as we speak with 19 days to go). I have a few issues I hope you can help me w/.


Unfortunately, due to the 'Jints, 'Toga, and 8000 students taking the bar exam, flights and hotel are costing me well over 600 bucks. So...I am looking for some cheap eats both during and before the exam.


I am staying at the Holiday Inn turf (on Wolf across from the Barnsider). I haven't been in Albany for a bit so I dont know what is still around. My specs are cheap, but not fast food, for breakfast and dinner. Romano's Macoroni whatever is a no-go! The other thing, w/o being gross, is that I need food that will settle in an already unsettled stomach. Though i am an adventurous eater, now is not the time for that. Basically I will be in a exam for three to four hours at a clip w/ zero bathroom breaks.


As for lunch, I am not sure where I am taking the exam...though I am pretty sure it will be up a the Egg or the Pepsi. Now normally I would hit Pagliacci's for some chicken parm, but we only get a 1/2 hour break. I would normally hit the downstairs of the LOB if i was in the Egg, but I heard during the exam the lines are impossible. So I am looking for something quick to eat around there and/or the Pepsi. I remember some deli's on State street. ANY ADVICE WILL HELP!!!


Finally, the traffic issue. If I have to be at the Egg or the Pepsi...what is the best bet for timing and directions if I am coming from Wolf road and have to be at the exam site by 830-845. Should I hit the streets or taking 90?


Thanks gang...wish I could meet you all out for a beer...but i will be a basketcase!


BTW....check out the SIENA board, the LaSalle thread and see what that asswipe Mr. Siena posted. Hopefully SienaTony didnt take my response off the board!

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I'm not sure I can help you much with downtown Albany. As far as the Turf I think it's a little farther down Wolf Rd from the Barnsider (It's closer to the airport). Two places jump to mind near the Turf that you could easily walk to.

The first for breakfast is the Wolf Rd. Diner. To be honest I don't know that I've ever been there while sober (they're open 24 hours on the weekends). Diner food but cheap and close-by.

Practically right across the street is J.T. Maxies. Pub food all the way but again close by and reasonable. Also a good place to down a few cold ones to take the stress off.

The rest of Wolf Rd. other than the Barnsider is standard chain resturant stuff-Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc. The Turf also has a couple of resturants and a night club but probably not the place to go if you're looking to save $$$.

I'm not in downtown Albany that much bit I'm pretty sure there are others who know the good lunchtime spots. If it's a nice day I would just head over to the Capital lawn where all the food vendors are. Quick and cheap and you'll probably run into alot of lawyery-types.

Best of luck on the Bar!

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There is an Olive Garden and a Red Lobster directly across the street from the Turf and the Diner is right next door like DP stated it's Diner food bur reasonable prices.


I know of no place down by the Egg that you can get into and eat in 30 minutes you'll probably going to have to catch something on the fly and then eat heavier after the Bar at a Bar. ;)


Good Luck, but I'm sure you will do well!!!!

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DP and Patch- Thanks guys. Patch thats what I figured...I stocked up on my protein bars (gotta keep the figure) ;)


Any idea about the traffic situation, whether I should take 90 or head up wolf and take central all the way up?

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Wolf Road also has all the requisite chains, Burger King, McD's, Denny's, maybe even a Wendy's.


I would personally take I-90, however you're going to have to get on 87 to get there from Wolf Road (just for a short stint), unless you drive up to Central and down to 90 off Fuller Road.


For lunchtime, all the vendors will be out (on sunny days) near the LOB and the Capital. So you can't really get much quicker than walking up to a hot dog, pizza or sandwich cart and eating outside.


If you're at the Pepsi, there is McD's, you could pre-order from Pagliacci's assuming they do takeout, or pre-order pizza or subs to be delivered to you at the Arena at a specific time.

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Thanks a bunch D2k! I think the vendor option is the best way...plus most of the insane asylum wont know where to go and will go downstairs in the LOB. I really want to stay away from them.


Yeah...I figured I would hop on 87-90 instead of the fuller road option...i just didnt know how the traffic would be.



Thanks guys!

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Do you know where you're going to park, if there are that many people taking the bar exam on workdays? There's also construction on the I-90/I-787 interchange and on Washington Ave. eastbound, and you're traveling during rush hour, but I don't know how much it's snarling traffic.


It may be easier and cheaper to go down Wolf Road to the Northway Mall and take the #1 or #55 CDTA bus ($1, 25 minutes)down to Swan St. or (during rain) the Capitol Building. You can go from the Capitol lobby straight down into the Empire St. Plaza, unless war on terrorism security has cut off access to the general public.

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Whatever you do, be sure to get to The Across The Street Pub for wings and many many beers after to celebrate your passing the bar. I am pretty sure it takes a few weeks to get your results.


From reading all of your post I am sure you are on top of things and a passing is just a formality.



GOOD LUCK!!!!! and thanks for sticking up for me on the Hansen Forum.

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I may drive to the bus...but I am not sure. Besides the outdoor lot by the Pepsi and the underground lot at the LOB....any other garages that I are new or that I don't remember. BTW...to get to the Lot below the capital...you go up Madison Ave, correct???


Ruler...that guy had 1 catch...7 yards; loser that he is. I wish I got the results in a few weeks. I will be patiently awaiting for Massachusetts results until November and NY until early December...isnt that a bitch to find out if you are one of 30-35% who failed?!

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