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  1. UAlbany vs. Cornell game moved to Sunday @ 1:00 pm @ Casey Stadium Due to weather conditions
  2. 2017-18 MBB Schedule

    We used to love taking our sons to Indian Ladder Farms when they were young..... Lots to do besides picking apples and hiking these days. Take a peek at this link: http://www.indianladderfarms.com/ https://www.yelp.com/biz/indian-ladder-farms-Voorheesville Enjoy and travel safety
  3. MBB@Maine: 2/19 at 2:00

    According to Google ... American, United, Jet Blue, & Southwest all fly Albany (ALB) to Portland (PWM)... seats run from ~ $4400 - $ 600 each ;-)
  4. In every way .. It's just that they are UAlbany's finest and not the crew that we see at Troop G
  5. Couple of quick items... Those ESPN3 announcers are our guys. Roger does all our home ESPN3 games ... and those troopers that are seen in the SEFCU are University Police officers ...they just look like the NYSP
  6. Ahhh.. Remembering the Core 4 and more who all passed through here. I was one of the lucky ones to be in the house the night Ron Guidry came to Heritage Park as part of his rehab. That was the game when they roped off about the last 15 ft. of the outfield to allow standing room attendees in to see the game. And there was never a better spot to watch the Patroons and the very young Phil Jackson than the Armory.
  7. Hmmm What is it with this whine about parking cost? What do the parking garages around the T-U cost? I seem to remember dropping a $10 spot when I parked there...... (And had to schlep drums in from there for several of the 1st years. ) A rewarding night to be a Great Dane fan!
  8. Recruiting - 2016

    You mean other than Tiana-Jo Carter? 39 this past year!
  9. Latest from WHOOPDIRT.COM ------------------------------------------- GW Update: Round 3 14 Apr 2016 This has been one of the crazier searches that I have covered in a long time! I can now confirm that George Washington has settled on their replacement for Jonathan Tsipsis and the announcement is expected either later tonight or tomorrow morning. The choice is a current DI head coach whose candidacy came out of nowhere! More on this when it’s made official. different source on twitter says its ............... Jen Rizzotti - to GW - wow That actually makes a lot of sense... And the Hartford Courant is carrying this story ...http://www.courant.com/sports/college/jc-jennifer-rizzotti-geoge-washington-0415-20160414-story.html
  10. OK I just have to do this ... here's comes the idiom police. The idiom is Bugaboo which is a legendary scary creature, see bogeyman Just wanted to elucidate - not correct The other idiom that bugs me is a mis-translation that is showing up quite a bit lately... "Nip it in the Butt" which really began as "Nip it in the bud"... a biological process to stop a bud early on in its development (essentially to force stronger blooms elsewhere.) Nip it in the butt is something my old dog dreams about I think. Sorry ... Now back to enjoying another great LAX season. Go Danes
  11. Postseason

    Ryan Restivo retweeting that Vegas 16 will emerge as the Vegas 8 when announced
  12. Women's Bball

    Oooo Good point on the strength of schedule ... Go Lady Saints!!!!