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  2. For the record, I wasn't suggesting that he SHOULD win COY, I just found it funny that it could actually happen. Take a team that was expected to finish the season at 2-10 and then have them finish near the top of the CAA at 7-5 or 8-4 and that can many times turn into awards. My comment was tongue in cheek humor based on how low the opinions are of him of many on this board. As far as moving on to a bigger program, I doubt that happens even if the team finishes at 9-3, although it would make many on this board happy, and would be the best case scenario for UA as it wouldn't have to buy him out of his contract.
  3. UAlbany football alum signs with New Orleans Saints Tight end Brian Parker could play for third NFL team
  4. Really guys? Two weeks ago everyone here wanted him fired, now we are talking COY and FBS? Listen, great win last week but this is still the dude that lost to Monmouth and Richmond and has a horrific, eye-bleeding type of record. He's all our, good or bad.
  5. Even with a successful season, I’d have to think he’d be low on the radar screens of most FBS programs.
  6. 2020 Danes

    Thanks for posting. There was a guy sitting on the field taking notes during the first half of the game against Army so that must have been the guy who wrote this. The main point from the article which is really accurate is when Marr says the team is ahead of where they were last year. I would say it isn't even close. I guess the big message last weekend was compete, and they did.
  7. Sign up and going. I will provide a recap.
  8. I would like to suggest look beyond GG. Yes, if he can string two winning seasons (2019 & 2020) extend his contract for two additional years with eye on succession planning. Can our sports administration think long term? One crazy thought: If the season plays out in our favor at.8 or 9 wins will GG look to move on? Go to the next level.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Here is a fun one... Team was picked last in the CAA to start the season. Let's say the team goes 3-2 over the last 5 games to finish the season at 7-5, with a 5-3 mark in the CAA. Does that get GG CAA coach of the year? Never thought I would read anyone suggest that on this board this season, much less me. Lol.
  11. If we want to keep JUC around, I hope somebody teaches him that when you dive, it’s feet first, not headfirst like on this Ch 13 videohttps://wnyt.com/sports/undercuffler-named-caa-co-offensive-player-of-the-week/5524784/?cat=256 And hang onto the ball!
  12. Titans scouts looking at Mencer, Green and Williams today.
  13. All we want is to win. If Gattuso can win, then hell, sign him to extensions until he doesn't win. The only thing I ask is to not give him an extension when he has multiple years left and to not make the extensions more than 2 years at a clip. No long term ones please! It's never been personal. If he can start winning 8 games a year or more, keep him here.
  14. I'm just happy they stuck with Undercuffler. I felt like if the other guy, I forget his name, didn't get hurt they might've started him. I might be wrong but I've been pulling for JUC to be the guy, give him time, develop him to be a top CAA QB later in his career. I guess he is kinda of getting there a little earlier than I think anyone thought. He's been very good and should get better with more and more experience. Looks like we are set at QB for 3 more years. Now need to build around him!
  15. It's being fair....If I'm going to beat the $iena out of him on here when he sucks...I have no problem saying, hey, we may have something here that isn't an embarrassment. What's fair is fair!
  16. Is this a 'I hate Gattuo' or 'I think I got a man-crush on Gattuso' moment?
  17. I asked 4-6 wins...I have my four. I feel marginally better in that they have obviously found an elite level QB. It took 5+ years but I'm glad we are finally here. Nothing changes for me in terms of expectations. I'd love to get 7 wins but get me one or two more and I'll be pleased. I'm content now at 4 but would probably be disappointed if they regress and don't get at least another 1 or 2 with this schedule. Gattuso deserves to have some heat turned down on him especially after last weekend. I'm not even as pissed about the other two losses as the program is still clearly looking to find it's footing but I believe on it's way. Many of these kids have NEVER tasted winning at this level. Give them time and encourage them as they are clearly growing.
  18. 2020 Danes

  19. Good watch https://wnyt.com/u-albany-football/show-6---griffin-overcomes-obstacles-on-way-to-his-final-season-at-ualbany/5523978/?cat=13464
  20. We’ve had too many years of woulda shoulda coulda. They’ve got all the offensive tools you could ask for especially if Burns can be consistent. The D has improved. I’m still looking for 7 wins plus, barring any big time injury losses. They’ve a real shot at going 4-4 or better in conference which would be big. They were competitive with CMU and the two other losses were due to bad place kicking and turnovers, plus a penalty party in Richmond. If they keep focus they can do it and JU should get better each week. Mofor makes you forget EB and Green, Reeves, McDonald and Wisnewski are the “Dev Who?” Squad. Unfortunately Green, Reeves and DMac are all seniors.
  21. Maybe, but Massey has us slight favorites in the next two games, not prohibitive dogs in the last three. Maine doesn't seem to be playing well. Delaware got blasted by Elon when they lost their QB to a targeting hit. If this team is really getting it together. we'll just have to see. One at a time.
  22. Winning cures all. Several people who have been outspoken critics of the staff have even made positive remarks lately giving "credit where credit is due." With the big win this week, and the team getting some votes in the FCS poll this week, I thought it might be time to revisit this thread. The team now has 4 wins on the season, and really should have 6 at this point if not for some troubles kicking and a few things not working out. With 5 games to go, where do you think we need to finish now for the "off with his head" attitude to subside until next season?
  23. Hard to see UAlbany Football 🏈 going 5 - 0 more like 4 - 1; need to beat Stony Brook..m
  24. Last week
  25. Getting votes in the polls! 38th in the STATS/FCS poll and 32nd in the AGS poll. None yet in the Coaches' Poll. Also, Massey now gives Albany an 11.13% chance of getting to eight wins, up from 0.48% last week. That's still only a 1 in 9 shot to win 4 of the next 5 games, but still... Besides, some have commented that with the CAA's poor showing in the 2018 playoffs, eight wins might not be enough for an at-large bid in a twelve-game season.
  26. James Allen mentioned in this morning's TU that we've been talking to Albany Academy's Marcus Jackson. His older brother, Andre, committed to UConn a few weeks ago.
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