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  2. James Jones to St. Johns?

    I can see why they would want him, not sure why he'd want to go since they seem like a mess right now. Jones has been at Yale for going on 20 years and has been terrific the last couple seasons.
  3. Yale

    I am going to remain optimistic that we keep TD in the 65% range which would be below his season average, but to expect much better than that would be unrealistic. My bigger concern against Yale is our off ball defense, and keeping the Yale scorers from getting point blank looks at Nate.
  4. Sorry not sensitive at all. Just don't like the constant negativity! I am just as unhappy as many others. I would prefer looking at things from a glass half full perspective and with optimism.
  5. Today
  6. James Jones to St. Johns?

    😂. It would be tough choosing between my currently insane bosses and what seems to be a total dumpster fire at the executIve level at St Johns. In all seriousness, I think James would be a great choice and it would be well earned for him. Such a great guy.
  7. Yale

    Don’t be so sensitive to differing opinions. I was specifically referring to the face off. Played well vs higher level teams, yes. Against the AE, not so well. Imagine barely squeaking by AE teams and even losing to Vermont. If we play without turnovers and sloppy play, we might stay in the game. We need to swarm TD and pound him.
  8. Yale

    TD is so much more athletic than Jones that even if Jones is able to get the clamp he'll have a hard time getting to open space. The problem with putting a pole out there against TD is that not only is he the best FOGO in the country, starting to look like the best ever, but if the pole can't get on him and force him back it will give Yale an unsettled situation which has been our biggest defensive weakness. Jones and Altamari have to go after TD hard, but clean and make them 50/50 ground balls somehow.
  9. That was done mostly because Jones was injured. Last game he was hurting but sucked it up and played well. IF he does not play we might be in trouble.
  10. We have played great against the top teams except for Syracuse. Were down to Maryland by 2 with a few minutes to play AND we had chances to tie. Didn't and they scored a few at the end. Same with Cornell. I am not giving up and it bothers me that some are constantly negative. Yes, we may lose but we seem to play better against tough teams. We'll see. If it's a blow-out I will say I was wrong.
  11. Although I hear Dane96 is in the mix too.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Yale

    We heard a lot last year about how well Jonesy did against TD in practices, and I guess we'll see on Friday. Hopefully, his knee is feeling better.
  14. Could be heavy rains Friday night, but not sure when. Based on some game action this year do they just concede the draw and put a long stick on TD? I’ve no confidence that they can stay with Yale.
  15. Yale

    Anyone want to break down the faceoff stats non-conference vs conference?
  16. Yale

    It's going to be ugly.
  17. Last week
  18. Recruiting - 2019

    Thanks for the research. I didn't look beyond the tweet I posted.
  19. Recruiting - 2019

    Not great at the cut and paste thing. Said this from his twitter account april 11th: Congrats to Kevin Smith! Still available and will graduate this summer. Would be a great fit at the D2 level!
  20. Recruiting - 2019

    When did Wilson say that? He mentioned NJCAA D2 level. Either way, didn't know anything about him. Just saw the tweet.
  21. One thing that really pisses me off about the team is the inconsistent aggressiveness. They come out the first period and maybe even into the second being really aggressive and it helps the over-all performance. But by the third and fourth they seem to have lost that and other teams start scoring and getting ground balls mainly because they are far more aggressive. I know against VT we were not getting ANY faceoff wins BUT I think we lost our aggressiveness and then the game. That led to the loss as much as not getting the FO. Same thing almost happened the other night, although in my mind we played far better over-all. UMBC has a much better Def than VT.
  22. Recruiting - 2019

    Not a D1 player . Even Wilson said he would be a great fit at the D2 level. Need a couple of good players, but he is not 1 of them.
  23. Always happens at a key point in the season. Next man up I guess!
  24. Well done - can't disagree
  25. Character Week

    While there may be hiccups to me that is our best combination for long term success. I know Davis wasn't dressed for a few games, but don't know his current status.
  26. Recruiting - 2019

    I am confident in the guard situation the team has now. I think Clark will make another jump and have a huge senior year, either starting or from the bench, but I know a lot of people on this board are convinced we need another point guard. If the team goes after one, I really hope it is a 4-year kid that can grow with the team. That said, anyone hear anything about this kid? https://www.verbalcommits.com/players/kevin-smith-ct Brent Wilson is tweeting about him, and he went to South Kent like Malachi de Sousa. Would have 2-years remaining.
  27. Fracture, just above ankle, according to Marr on 104.5 this morning. Done for season. He was also playing with a separated shoulder from the VT game.
  28. Agree and Agree with lack of Dodging from Laffin and Casey. Casey came as a middie and perhaps he would add an outside shooting option. Laffin also seems to have a powerful outside shot, but like you, I like him around the crease. Both Burgmasters have shown in the past the ability to score from the outside. Noah Taylor and Peter Schwab have shown alittle this year from up top. Yunker and McComber really are the best dodgers and at some point will get over the freshman turnover jitters. Of course it means ZERO, but I'd use Tehoka-Laffin-Yunker/McComber on attack; Patterson @ the 4; and hope Eccles gets his shot back and role with some of the above middies and take my chances. {also don't know what the situation with Davis Diamond is but he has/had shown signs of being a good feeder and on dodger?????}
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