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In Topic: Drexel

Yesterday, 02:37 PM

What is crowd size


In Topic: Butts in the Seats 2018 edition

Yesterday, 10:19 AM

Winning obviously didnt put butts in the seats for us.

In Topic: Butts in the Seats 2018 edition

Yesterday, 10:02 AM

Full chair backs and cheaper ticket prices. Possibly stealing a stud local product like a Heurter, Wright, JG3 or Platek will put butts in the seats.

In Topic: Recruiting - 2019

23 February 2018 - 10:45 AM

JG was offered by Duke. Good to see a local product get some A+ offers.

It really makes you wonder about the star rating system on verbal commits. By my count he has 9 power conference offers as well as a number from other quality BB schools. How does he only rate a 2*? 
Isnt that site run by just regular person that updates a database when people send him offers. Just a nice clean and navigatebale website lol.

In Topic: [MBB] AE Tourney Game #1: 3/3/18 - 7:00pm - vs TBD

22 February 2018 - 08:54 AM

..except 2015-16 for reasons that shall not be spoken of.

I still enjoy pancakes from time to time.