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  1. I finally have an Albany game near me ? http://www.fbschedules.com/2016/09/central-michigan-open-2018-season-kentucky/ "Central Michigan has also added a home game against the Albany Great Danes. The game is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019 at Kelly/Shorts Stadium in Mount Pleasant."
  2. Bring the Nano College home to UA! All self interest aside it's the right thing to do. University controls can prevent big mistakes like was done here
  3. Update: "The University at Albany is expanding academic programs and rebranding its oft-forgotten East Greenbush campus in hopes of raising its national profile as a hub for the health sciences and biotechnology research. University officials will unveil the newly renamed Health Sciences Campus and detail their plans at a 10 a.m. news conference scheduled for Monday on the campus. While the university foundation has operated the 95-acre site since 1996, many in the region and within the university itself are unaware of the so-called East Campus on the other side of the Hudson River. Located off the Columbia Turnpike in the Rensselaer County town of East Greenbush, the campus shares an entrance and driveway with major pharmaceutical and biotech players like Regeneron and AMRI. "Being able to say to say that we are on a health sciences campus, even if it's just a simple change of the name, can go a long way not just in our work but for the region's recognition as a whole," said Phillip Albrecht, whose biotech research company Integrated Tissue Dynamics rents space on the site. Biopharmaceutical and technology companies in the region have long noted that their peers in Boston, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., among other places, have a major leg up on them in securing grants, venture funding and work solely because of their location."
  4. Considering the guests this announcement must be beneficial to UAlbany, Albany Law, Albany Med and Albany Pharmacy. The announcement has to be important enough for 4 presidents to take the time. A new affiliation or college? Can't be just another joint program, right?
  5. Presidents of UAlbany, Albany Law, Albany Med and Albany Pharmacy announcing "big news" Monday. What could it be? http://m.timesunion.com/local/article/UAlbany-has-big-plans-for-Rensselaer-biotech-9209980.php
  6. I certainly hope we reach the point where we're in the mix for a playoff spot year in and year out..and hope it's sooner rather than later..but I'm not sure I understand the feeling that we've been in the basement for years now..especially the "past 5 years"??? 2011: 8-4 (1-0 vs. CAA), FCS playoffs 2012: 9-2 (0-1 vs. CAA) 2013: 1-11, 0-8 CAA, Ford's last season 2014: 7-5, 3-5 CAA, ranked in top 25 multiple weeks, Gattuso's first season 2015: 3-8, 2-6 CAA Ok, 3 years. Feels like forever though.
  7. I for one didn't expect UA to still be in the basement so many years after elevating to the CAA. For 15 years I've enjoyed watching UA dominate... even beating CAA teams while still in the NEC. Now for the past 5 years we've struggled. It seems we didn't get much of a bounce from the upgrade. We seemed to win more with less
  8. I don't disagree that President Jones handled the false racism charged poorly. That said I was excited to see some much necessary expansion of the university in law and engineering. My concern is having this position open for 12 to 18 months. Filling it with temps. We need an advocate for UA growth. I feel the churn in this position is why we lag SBU and UB. Further every time this position opens there is risk of filling the position with an anti football zealot. May low chance but still scary.
  9. Jones was an excellent president especially in regards to the law school,engineering school and other additions. My main concern is athletics. He was pro athletics and pro football. I hope our luck doesn't run out and we get a nut job like Hofstra or BU got that was hostile to athletics. I wish we could find stability.
  10. No disrespect but your missing the point. Success on the field or not how can two SUNY Centers in the same conference have such a disparity? ("income inequality" to quote my lazy communist friends) $29M Stony Brook $18M Albany
  11. Stony Brook's budget is higher than half the MAC (FBS). How can there be such a disparity in school support between Albany and Stony Brook? $10M difference
  12. I was reading an article on Idaho dropping down to FCS. Idaho's budget is $19M. How is it Stony Brook has a budget of $29M? That's +$10M over Albany. Most of that $10M advantage is school support. Ticket sales, student fees are basically the same. The school is kicking in millions more
  13. This could just be a wish list item from the blogger or something starting slowly. Does anyone have facts? Knowing New York I'm concerned this will move at glacier speed if ever happening. Optimistic but pragmatic
  14. I remain excited about the law school eventually moving into UA Now talk about medical school http://blog.timesunion.com/business/the-case-for-albany-med-and-ualbany-to-merge/74208/
  15. In a little over 3 years we'll have played a MAC, C-USA and ACC team in football. Awesome to think I enrolled in a D3 college and here we are
  16. We have our 2017 FBS game http://pilotonline.com/sports/college/old-dominion/football/albany-to-play-at-odu-in-in-what-will-be/article_10b19661-e263-5b98-8d63-3b44eb1745fe.html
  17. This looks like the Nano College. I don't see our name on anything but there are multiple Stony Brook references
  18. Any news on the budget? Did we get any money for the Engineering College? I didn't see any but I did see this but is this really the nano College not us? https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__legislation.nysenate.gov_pdf_bills_2015_S6404D&d=AwICAg&c=oHEXZqRe44OjcoJSMaSOFZx2jbpbwwJK8dRdHl-Y2So&r=IHk9M4sfLlFcpNmiYq6t0wUISekgefeMGlKqJ6TtIXk&m=LT_BYQA7ekDxsF3N6G53d1LoIZrHe-5mOM7gjWZmpZs&s=w-uqK3n284SrxJrIwnp8mzats8unKpKk7TdSIDo16FI&e= 28 University at Albany -- Insti- 29 tute for Nanoelectronics 30 Discovery and Exploration 31 (INDEX) ....................... 75,000,000
  19. What is best for Albany? SBU our arch rival getting smoked by Kentucky or them winning a game or two and making the AE look better? My concern about a SBU win is despite Albany objectively having a better decade in athletics I see posters on other boards occasionally mention SBU but almost never Albany. You don't need me to tell you about our lacrosse, basketball and football success. Yet somehow it goes largely unnoticed. We have the most SUNY MBB NCAA appearances, Thompson brothers Etc. Do I really want to root for SBU?
  20. I ran into another family at Disney that stopped me to talk about UA. We have a ways to go to catch up with peer institutions but when I attended UA 20 years ago we had 0 name recognition.
  21. I'm at a Disney Resort this week and this guy in the pool with a southern accent asks me if I went to Albany. I look at my tee shirt and see what sparked his attention and say yes. He says we have a great lacrosse team. I enrolled in a D3 university in 1993 with no name recognition. I just love it when someone with no ties to New York asks me about UA. For those that complain about athletic funding I say name recognition is worth something.
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