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  1. If we're doing one FBS team a year my preferences would be: 1) Army - local school with huge history and my brother is a West Point grad 2) Central Michigan, MSU or Western Michigan would be a close drive for me. 3) Syracuse - a great local school 4) BC - another fairly local school 5) Georgia Tech
  2. Confirmed. Playing Pitt at Heinz in '18 http://blog.timesunion.com/collegesports/ualbany-football-to-play-at-pittsburgh-in-2018/20559/
  3. I'm hoping to get my buddy's TWC login credentials so I can watch it via Roku TV. Dane Zone is painful and that would be my only option in Michigan otherwise.
  4. Their MadisonZone sucks. Very choppy. I thought it was my cable but the announcers said they know it's an issue
  5. Interesting coincidence that according to USA Today our athletic budget ranks us at #128 and US News has us academically at #129. Coincidence or is there a connection?
  6. The CAA simulcast of the game was very good. A free feed with actual announcers. I was afraid it would be just video and I would be stuck trying to match up a radio broadcast for audio. Pleasantly surprised. The team looked great. The uniforms are a big step up. Make them permanent.
  7. Thanks UAlumn72. Looks like I have the Charlotte game in West Michigan on my local CW. SNY is not an option either. Doh! Despite a new smart tv it looks like I'm stuck using my laptop.
  8. I'm in Michigan on Charter cable. Any suggestions for viewing the game other than Dane Zone? Doesn't look like SNY is an option here.
  9. Very disappointing. We need to see leadership take action to improve these ratings. We cannot lag this far behind.
  10. Girls soccer is the second leading cause of concussion. Living is dangerous. After football what sport will be targeted?
  11. I always hear how far off Albany is from FBS but is Coastal really that much better than us? Do they have deeper pockets than us? Didn't Stony Brook repeatedly whip Coastal? Something doesn't add up here. Either Coastal is much better and richer than us or the jump isn't as huge as it's been billed... at least in the Sun Belt and MAC for that purpose.
  12. UA should definitely steal that idea. It looks like a great way too boost attendance.
  13. Social media has given a voice to every malcontent and complainer. Other than this site I've largely abandoned Facebook and other social media sites. This site is informative. I've learned a lot that I otherwise would not.
  14. The URL http://1045theteam.com/ualbany-football-coach-greg-gattuso-previews-2015-season-with-armen-and-levack-audio/
  15. I was listening to a ESPN playback and Coach G said we're playing Buffalo this year and next. Playing Pitt in 2018.
  16. The Highlander was correct that there can only be 1. In Michigan that 1 is me. I nabbed the 'UAlbany' Michigan plate
  17. Love the idea of tail gating at Harriman and shuttling it over to the stadium
  18. It's just another witch hunt coming out of DC. We'll have a new crew in 18 months. Let's hope for an improvement.
  19. A rumored ACC football opponent. Exciting! http://www.troyrecord.com/sports/20150617/ualbanys-ad-mark-benson-excited-to-continue-growth-of-athletic-program
  20. Hopefully it'll lead to further donations
  21. Who are you attributing the quotes to?
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