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  1. That was just about a perfect effort. Scored early, and then kept the pressure on. The game was definitely chippy at times, but it's the NCAA playoffs and those things happen. The game was the same as the regular season game at Chestnut Hill, with BC's score being the only thing that changed!
  2. Hey, Mr. Zapruder...do my eyes deceive me or is that gum I see packed into Coach Mac's right cheek?
  3. It's not required. He was saying they (other coaches) do it so he figured try it. Plus scheduling home games has been hard (from what I've heard) Half the teams in the AE are D1 bottom feeders...seems like there are better role models out there!
  4. Not to put too much pressure on this team, but this is not the time to lay an egg! Ranked...first-round bye...3rd highest conference RPI...home game...a good senior class. You screw this up and the selection committee might punish you for years!
  5. http://i.turner.ncaa.com/sites/default/files/external/gametool/brackets/soccer-men_d1_2016.pdf
  6. Maybe your best post ever... Lol I'll admit it could be borderline OCD but once you see it, it can't be unseen. By the end of the season, barring a change, I expect to have gathered a posse.
  7. Maybe I am a little too old school, but as this is D1 I have a few requirements in a coach: -Motivation: Cares more about winning and the growth of their program than their own paycheck. -Character: Can personally defend their on-field losses and personal shortcomings without relying on others to do so for them, particularly when it is done in a sneaky and secretive manner. -Professionalism: Behaves and dresses in a professional and respectable manner when coaching. -Marketing: Is available and courteous to the media, and views these interactions as an opportunity to promote the university and the program as a whole, and not just as a means to personal achievement. -Legacy: Does not recruit and retain student athletes whose behavior and actions potentially damage the reputation of the university. You violate one of those, and I drop my support until corrections are made.
  8. I thought Harvard got the hose-job until I saw that their season was cancelled...with an RPI of 22 too bad the Harvard boys couldn't behave. As for the home game? Cool! Best of luck. As for BC as a potential second round match-up? Blech...even if UA started a different goalie in their 5-3 loss to them.
  9. I won't get too critical after one game, but I must say this: Coach Mac looks really unprofessional chewing her gum that aggressively throughout the game. I don't think I have ever seen a D1 coach chew gum like that.
  10. I fear for next year's offensive line. Have any newbies even played a down?
  11. Looks like he is up to 1383 yards rushing this season...dude plays like a beast when he isn't the only option.
  12. Against 2 of the best corners in the league, today. In a wind...on the road...against a ranked team...without his top 2 receivers.
  13. I don't entirely blame him (not entirely, anyhow), but why are they asking an inconsistent kicker to go 40+ into a strong headwind? It's laughable.
  14. Turned it on a little late. Wow...just wow. Trying to win with turnovers and an offense with a good RB and no creativity. -Worst FG attempt I may have ever seen. -Two defensive penalties on third down to give up first downs. -Now blown coverage. OC should get reassigned immediately; GG is going to run himself right out of a job.
  15. Hmmm...the "Canadian-based NCAA college basketball website". I'll take the good pub though! I thought we all moved up here after Tuesday night!?!!?!? (Disclaimer: I was just making a joke, and it was not intended as political commentary or baiting.)
  16. UA listed as an "upset alert": https://collegecourtreport.com/2016/11/11/three-power-conference-teams-who-should-be-on-upset-alert-on-opening-night/ PSU to run a press on defense...from my vantage point this has caused UA troubles over the years.
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