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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfR9iY5y94s I wouldn't be surprised if our Australian UA brothers help make history this ncaa tournament! Before this weekend, I had no idea that the radio version (the one you posted) is a remake of their own song they originally released in 1980. I actually like the original better. It's been stuck in my head since I discovered it on Sat afternoon... Men At Work - Down Under (original version 1980): https://youtu.be/D2lhmqKLais
  2. http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/eye-on-college-basketball/25109168/east-region-preview-villanova-and-virginia-could-be-on-collision-course Five bold predictions for the region The biggest Round of 64 upset will be … Albany over Oklahoma. Give me the Great Danes,who bring with them one of the best stories of the NCAA tournament. Albany's Peter Hooley hit the winning 3-pointer to send the team to the tournament. He left the program earlier this season for an extended hiatus to be with his cancer-battling mother, who died at the end of January. If Albany beats Oklahoma, it will b
  3. I did the drive to Columbus a few times for work. It's about 10 hours. Could be a fun road trip with a ride shared between a few people. Gas and tolls split 4 ways would be about $25 each. I'm considering making the drive if I can get tickets. I have a good feeling about this game, but it's gonna be tough.
  4. That's Coach O'Donnell's son - JP couldn't go up the ladder so CB cut a piece and handed it down to JP Ahhh. Not my video, but I know the uploader. Will share with them.
  5. They had Albany stuff there before.. they also had a ton of Albany GA stuff.. the golden rams. I remember laughing so hard.. walmart purchasers didn't even know what they bought for their own store. I don't frequent wally world, so I had never seen the stuff there before. I do know that I was at one of the sports apparel stores in the mall last year and an employee there had told me that UA didn't license the logos to any companies (same as $iena) and they were sad because they had turned many people away.
  6. Even Wal-Mart is jumping on the bandwagon. From the Wal-Mart on Washington Ave ext: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/89831507/IMAG0897.jpg
  7. [media][/media] Here is to hoping for a great rematch of this: https://youtu.be/ybhcfWlaQzY
  8. I had a conversation with a bunch of UA Students last night. These were your typical 'sports fan' guys. Of the 25+ kids I was talking to, none of them could name a single starter on this years team, and the only name they could come up with was Peter Hooley. I was truly disappointed. If a group of guys, all in a fraternity, that are all your typical sports fan type guys can't name a starter on this team - then something is wrong at the University and their internal marketing. I love the billboard on I90 I saw this morning, and a couple of days ago while wearing a Purple UA shirt I had mult
  9. We asked Artie at Across the Street if he'd be serving breakfast before the game, but he said he'd never get waitresses in that early, plus he'd have to be in at 5 am to open. But their regular opening is at 11, game time. Plus, I think he has season tickets, so I would assume he would be at the game not at work. I would think he would try to just open at 10 or 10:30. Anyone know what City Line is doing?
  10. I saw that too. Click on the section itself and you will see no seats available though. Problem with the program they use to show the stats. All seats gone, yet it still shows availability in the section summary. My guess is that it only updates overnight.
  11. It's not the end of the world...just disappointing. I'm sorry to harp on this but how was the ticket dept supposed to stop this? Ask everyone who they were rooting for? Even on the phone this could've been done. There are ways to stop out or market ticket sales, this happens all the time based on mailing address of credit card used etc. I understand maybe our online ticket system doesn't filter based on that but I know other places do it. Pro teams do it all the time to limit sales during playoffs etc. Because of the demographics of the UA student population and wher
  12. Spent 45 minutes trying to get through on the phone as I was no where near a computer. Kept hitting redial while at an eye exam. Luckily the eye doctor understood. After the appointment, I started to head to SEFCU as I could get there before a computer. Finally got through as I was getting to the base of the Northway. Supposedly all chairbacks were sold to season ticket holders yesterday, and the best I could get with 6 together was section 700 Row N. I would think the game will sell out before EOB today. Stopped in SEFCU anyway as I was so close to pick up the tickets instead of having to
  13. Albany still at #17 with 229 points , StonyBrook now #34 with 24 points
  14. Anyone know when tix are available? I don't see them online yet
  15. According to Google Earth Pro... Walking from the average parking space in the closest section of the Dutch Lot is 1,950 feet or 0.37 miles (0.25 as the bird flies) Walking from the ultra far parking lot on the other side of I-87 at Yankee Stadium is 0.34 miles - most of which is in a covered walkway (0.26 as the bird flies) The outside furthest lot on Oakland St for the Carrier dome is 0.31 miles (0.24 as the bird flies) and no one parks that far away for basketball - that section is only used during football when the place is full. And for Penn State football - the lot is ri
  16. Oh and I looked at your Coastal Carolina example. I haven't seen a home game yet from this years box scores with attendance of 2,600. Not sure we want to model ourselves after that.
  17. Really, something tells me you just look for excuses not to go to a game and haven't been to too many. Which venue ? Which sport do you want me to start with? So you really think there are spots for 30,000 basketball fans within the distance dutch quad is from the carrier dome. How about 100,000 people at penn st , ohio state football, etc. You want a smaller venue. Even at Coastal Carolina basketball (the most recent new basketball arena I went to) I was at least as far away from the arena as at home. And I don't want to hear any excuses like it is warmer there . they can walk, but I can't he
  18. It's all a matter of opinion, but mine is that you are wrong on the walking piece. A garage where the current SEFCU lot is would be an eye sore so that is not where I would put it if one were to be built. The long walk in the dark on a windy campus to get from Dutch to SEFCU most definitely hurts attendance in the winter. Something tells me all those games you mention that Bob87 has been to have just as poor attendance as we do. I can tell you for 100% certain my wife would rather go to see Siena play because the parking is closer and even when there is a walk you have things to see, it's
  19. That's because they don't use any thought process and just take the highest RPI. Ignores that Albany has a higher Power Ranking than SB on reatltimeRPI. The funny thing is that the game that Stony Brook won in Albany now has a ? mark next to it on realtime rpi - meaning that it was a "bad loss."
  20. Up to #17... (225 points) Convincing wins in the AE tournament and we might be able to pull off a #14 seed and have a half way decent shot at making some noise in the tournament. Other teams of UA interest: Yale is #12 with 434 points (probably UAs biggest win of the season) Iona is #16 (top in the MAAC) with 283 points Buffalo entered the poll at #21 with 122 points (some poster on the TU blog is always rambling on how Buffalo is the class of upstate NY this year with the highest RPI) Stony Brook got 14 points Bucknell got 5 points (and beat UA early season) NJIT got 1 point Vermont
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