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  1. Can this new recruit be the first reward for a successful season? Are the dividends now starting to pay?
  2. I want to inject this comment as it is Thanksgiving time. We UA fans should be grateful for the state of the athletic program. I know some of us had high expectations for the men's basketball team this season, and we are somewhat disappointed that our Sagarin rankings are not as high as we would like, but I want us to look at the men on the team. Is anyone in any trouble with the law? Are they all doing well in the classroom? Do they face bright futures after they graduate? Brown tries to recruit high-caliber STUDENT-athletes, and I think he has done an excellent job in that capacity. If we looked at character as the only factor, how would you rank this team on a Sagarin scale of the 353 Division I teams? Some people in the league (particularly UVM fans) used to criticize CB for having a win-at-all cost attitude, but nobody can say that realistically at all today. He is not a Kevin Broadus, nor ever was. When I wish they we were doing better on the court, I then sometimes look at the young guys they are and am pretty proud.
  3. Glad to see the Danes pull through after losing the 2nd and 3rd sets.
  4. Perhaps that's why I keep seeing the clock stuck at 48 seconds left in the game for about ten minutes on the UD website.
  5. Yes, I remember the Ithaca game at Bleecker Stadium. Great ending!
  6. I decided to start a new topic since my post doesn't seem to fit in anywhere else. UA won all six games played on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. (Two volleyball matches, two field hockey games, one women's soccer, and the football. And the weather was great!
  7. For now, I will just assume that the women play one year. If that's the case, then how come that game is not at SEFCU? Isn't our arena bigger than the ARC?
  8. If LCC has to vacate the Times Union Center for the ARC, I can see UA refusing to renew a contract with them because our arena currently holds twice as many fans as their ARC. Wouldn't that be ironic?
  9. We need a place big enough to host LCC every other year.
  10. So which UA team shows up for the next game. Good to see not only a win, but one on the road.
  11. UA scored two fewer points than in the first outing. UVM got 13 fewer at home.
  12. Can someone refresh me on the outcome of the scrimmage against Colgate? I'm not sure I saw much here that was very specific.
  13. Any institution needs to be concerned about confidentiality regarding personnel affairs. The University could get into a lot of legal trouble if it divulged certain information about the status of an employee. This scenario is particularly true if the employee has to leave the institution at the institution's discretion. I'm not saying this scenario is the case because there are too many variables. I am sorry that Engstrom is no longer employed by UA because I liked the successful record she accrued, but I have to reserved judgment on the whole situation.
  14. At least UA had a lead in both of the games against UVM today (men and women).
  15. Every once in a while I think of the conference team that lost to us on our court last year by 44 then goes out to make history by becoming the first team in the country with a 16 seed take down a number one seed in a crushing slapdown. Can it happen again?
  16. The TU lists the attendance at 3,891. That improvement in spectators and a win will hopefully strengthen the team.
  17. I hope this game turns around interest in UA men's basketball this season.
  18. Sounds like the Manhattan coach was just pretty exjasperated with the foul calling.
  19. Anyone know how Coach Brown commented on the game tonight?
  20. Thanks for the link. I see you had to quote a Google link to get to the story.
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