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  1. By the way, I am liking the new radio flagship so far debuting tonight. That other radio station was so under produced and had many glitches. i hope this can definitly bring more Albany faithful back to the Casey stadium and SEFCU.
  2. Yep, I'm seeing the same thing. 384 is the SEC channel. How come Ualbany does not have a radio broadcast in the media guide. Did UA lose contract with 980????? or is this a tv game only.
  3. +1. We do not have size. I really hope this PR we are getting can bring size to the team. Peters is a good start and i hope Mike Rowley can become his brother eventually. it sucks being a mid major sometimes because all the size and athleticism goes to the big conferences.
  4. +1. I believe that the major difference between a mid-major and a p5 school is tempo. If a p5 school plays down to "mid-major" tempo-ish gameplay, the best advantage to have in the tournament. This creates upsets.
  5. Ok. Now I have the required grounds to get some get back on you guys who said I jinxed the team by starting this thread. I know it looked like a loss for 35 minutes but now we are officially in the big dance. (Cough) We should get a 15/14 seed. We deserve this. Great conference record with close games in non conference. The weakest game we played was Niagara. Can't wait for 6pm tomorrow.
  6. The way this game is going it feels like a double digit lead for SB but they can not get there. We need to play smart the last 7 min
  7. Brent wilson school of taking charges is one of albanys go to defenses
  8. Growl towel in hand. Great Dane scarf on. Danger zone tee on. Yeah, i am ready.
  9. Found this on AE youtube channel. Good watch. Google Hangout: #AEHoops Experts:
  10. great win by UA. UNH is going to be just as scary next season. I will repeat what i think Zach bye said on wednesday before the maine game that RaAnthony Sanders has to be this teams x-factor to continue in the AE tourney. what a JUCO pick up by CB. He is definitely a compliment to Singletary. Hooley is a saint. His awkward shots always find the bottom of the net. I watched the first half on the SB UVM game. SBU was very lack luster and unmotivated. But i followed the game in the 2nd half and they went on a scoring explosion. i think 30-about 10-12 in the half before 10 min. #BeatSBU
  11. Need Rich Peters to be close to 100%. UA needs to make another big body present besides Sam. I've noticed the past 8 games that Rich has started to contribute offensively. Any updates?
  12. Found a great bracket website bracketmatrix.com. a lot of sources.
  13. I said it earlier in a post. Everyone knows the team has a lot of work to do, but bracketology is just something fun to look at. And with the espn article, it's nice to be recognized for playing well. I see everyones arguement. dont want to get hopes up until we can definitly say we are in the big dance. The way I see it is that we get to see Albany get some more national exposure. Makes me think that the uni decision made by WB was a ploy to get more natrional attention. The undefeated conference record helped get some exposure. Also, with the article on espn about teams that can make noise in tourney, I think that is great that we made that list. Yahoo Sport reporter Pat Forde mentioned us in a tweet when we lost to SB like we were in a David and Goliath type game All you guys would kill to have albany in the spotlight. Basketball, Football and lacrosse. Well Lacrosse is already nationally known with help from the Thompson crew. At the end of the day, IMO, i think seeing UA in the bracketology is cool.
  14. I know we have to win the AE tourney first. It is interesting to look at how all these sources view mid majors. I am not getting ahead of myself here.
  15. I just checked the updated USA Today bracketology predictions and they have us a 14 seed against Iowa State. Still waiting for ESPN and CBS Sports.
  16. IMO, the UA Uknow chant is a student section chant. I always thought it boosts morale during the games. Like the olè (UA) chant. When i was a student and went to the TU for the siena game, i would yell that chant when the clock read 0:00.
  17. Tre Green.....needs to work on condidence. That will come with every minute he gets on the court. Evan, would like to see a little more rest now before conference tourney and possible NCAA tournament. Ennema, like the stroke. Plays like a 6th man that can score. The role of a Jon/ Jacob Iati. Peters, confidence is growing. I will still call him a project. All i am saying is that the team is great but they thrive on the drama of the game. I have yet to see them be "in control" and coast. I saw too many mistakes last night. Awesome to be 12-0.
  18. Will was right during the post game interview. The team is becoming over confident with their record and abilities. I hate to say this. Maybe we do need a conference loss to bring the team down to earth. IMO, just as past will brown teams have gone, they play down to the opponent level. We have to show that we can sustain a big lead and not give it back. Great win tonight. 11-0 in AE Hoops. Lets make it 12.
  19. i would love to see the stat for our opponent 3-pt percentage through the win streak? it seems that we get so lucky that opponents struggle from behind the arc.
  20. I was at the game and i can understand Gattuso's frustration he was probably feeling. The game was out of hand by late 2nd Qtr. If King scored that TD on the opening drive the game probably would of been different. Nova was gashing the ball down the throats of the defense. Robinson was QB bootlegging all over. The tempo was all Nova with the random No Huddles and 3rd down conversions. I saw coach being himself. Sometimes he would seperate himself on the opposite part of the sideline. If Nova is the only game where coach was a "bully" and no other coach said this about him, then i think it is just a "who has the bigger car" talk. I left before the 4th Qtr. I heard that Nova didnt "kneel" at the end and i found that to be more unsportsman like than this issue.
  21. My 2 cents.........So the article claims that the TU is a neutral court that is also Sienas home court. if thw ADs and city want to keep the game there why not switch out the actual court for a UA home court for a "home and home" type of game. I agree this game is not as highly anticipated in the past few years. I mean you can not fit 11000 in sefcu. If the gamw continues to be a Siena home game the albany faithful will become less and less. I know WB said at the end of the article that he doesnt want to paint the court purple but if given that chance i bet he would. Or we can just fill sefcu with as many siena fans that brave the 20 min drive.
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