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  1. who is on the bench for UA at QB. i am sick of these over throws by the SR QB. Out thrown King 2 times
  2. Defense looks status quo as compared to last season. offense needs to find a new rythem post Drew Smith/ Ryan Kershner era. Will is holding the offense afloat.
  3. I'll start this: Thursday, August 29 Rhode Island @ Fordham #11 Towson @ Connecticut Jacksonville @ Delaware Saturday, August 31 William & Mary @ West Virginia #5 Villanova @ Boston College Albany @ Duquesne Central Connecticut State @ #19 James Madison VMI @ #15 Richmond Maine @ Norfolk State Bye: New Hampshire, Stony Brook
  4. There was a great improvement from last season. I gave the MBB season a B because i was skeptical when stony brook beat us if that let the air out of the balloon. I was wrong. To have Jacob come back and Mike playing his heart out all season and in the AE tourney was a blessing. With Hooley healthy he was a great contributer to the offense. The one thing that separates us from the rest of CBB is that our bigs are finesse type players usually. Puk did well this year in the post and i applaud him. I need Devlin and Puk to do the same next season and become more post players. Rowley is a diamond in the rough. i think we can become a tourney team next season too.
  5. This game was still disgusting. Rowley came up huge towards the end, but cracked under the big free throws at the end. ++++++++++1
  6. Its all about how we play against SB. They are the team really to beat. I know Vermont let us have it too but I am more worried about SB and the reaction we put forward after they beat us in the semis in the AE tourney last march. Gonna be an intense game.
  7. If you look at the pregame interviews on the athletic website, when they are interviewing mike black. you can see in the background TG still with a boot on walking around shooting layups. So my guess is he is not ready.
  8. if we had some size we would a a decent lead right now. question to all, could the 05-06 team beat this wash team today?
  9. height is tough to teach. i hope devlin plays more than 5 minutes.
  10. need to regroup. not a solid effort. but i like the passion by the defense to keep us in the game. good win
  11. listening to roger on his daily show, after his interview with coach ford he confirms that the football games and basketball games will be back on 980.
  12. WB just tweeted that the next teams practice is a full team practice. Hopefully that's a good sign for tanner and his ankle.
  13. I agree, The reason why the school had to cut the programs was to save money. With the new income we can get through the FBS games, we could achieve that.
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