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A couple of thoughts on things outside the game last night.


-Parking. I talked to several people in the HOF room and in the RACC about the parking line. I got there fairly early and it wasn't too bad but I guess it was worse later on. If they could open one end of the lot to just people with parking passes that would work much better and solve some of the congestion problems. Still not as bad as the Pepsi Arena.


-Parking Lot entrance for season ticket holders. Very nice idea


-The RACC floor and upgrades. Floor looked good to me. Most of the changes were made to the benefit of the people playing on the floor not the people looking at it. Sound system was improved and hopefully we've seen and heard the last of the humming sounds and lights from the scoreboard flashing helter skelter.


-I didn't get a chance to look at them last night but they've hung some posters along the walkway around the RACC. Nice idea.


-The Hall of Fame Room. I greatly enjoyed the complimentary beverages, thank you very much. My wife still got a hot dog at the concession stand and found they have changed them from last year. She was very disappointed and I may have trouble convincing her to go to the rest of the games this year.


-Post game Q+A with Will Brown. Very nice idea although not alot of people took advantage of it. Unfortunetly we had to wait a while until he was done with the media and I think some people left after a while especially considering it was a work night for most people. Brown was affable and very open to questions. I recommend those interested enough to read this board check it out if they do it after every game. Very nice to have access to the coach.

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Dane Pound,


Thanks for the update on the new facilities. It was great to hear your realistic view on the changes - mostly improvements.


Sorry about the hot dogs. If, however, that's the "wurst" development, we have a lot to look forward to. Hope your wife reconsiders attendance at the games this season. The hot dogs should not be the deciding factor, frankly speaking.

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Sorry about the hot dogs. If, however, that's the "wurst" development, we have a lot to look forward to. Hope your wife reconsiders attendance at the games this season. The hot dogs should not be the deciding factor, frankly speaking.

Thanks Old Dog. I don't think the experience sauer(krauted) the experience that much for her. I'm sure she will relish the rest of the games this year even when the Danes are behind and have to play catchup.

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Improvements continue to come but...


If they want people to show up for the games they have to be ready for them. One parking lot attendant and one concession stand (did have a couple of vendors walking around which is a good idea) will not work.


A new restaurant with 500 seats doesn't not open expecting 100 and only ready to serve 100. They have to be ready for 500.


This discourages people from making the trip again. I recognize all these things cost $ but in the grand scheme of things not that much. Extra lot attendant $7/hour. Extra 3 people at additional concession stand $21/hour. We're talking less than $50. I've walked away from the concession stand on numerous occassions because the line was to long. No big deal for me, I'm there for the game. Others, however enjoy the whole routine of it.


My 2 cents.


Great game. Even though Dartmouth was in range at times, I felt it was never really a game.

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I agree with McFan's comments 100%. The parking situation was inexcusable. I had assumed buying a parking pass would have some benefit, but I was wrong. I would have been better off entering the campus from Fuller Road and parking in the Dutch lot; which appeared much quicker than waiting on a slow and disorganized line. It made a very bad impression on people visiting the RACC for the first time.


I did notice and speak at halftime with a number of people I know who are hoop fans and have no relationship with the University. These are businessmen who like to watch the best hoop available, were Patroon fans during their heyday and then became Siena fans. If we want to capture a share of this market, we must make the experience more fan friendly, and as McFan indicates, concessions and parking are critical.


Maybe I missed it, but I would have thought there would be a marketing table in the lobby selling Varsity Club memberships, or at least, distributing brochures that one could take home and fill out.


At least the metal detectors are gone.

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Carmelita was selling Varsity Club 'ships in the Hall of Fame room, which come to think of it doesn't make much sense since if you know about the room, you probably know about the club. Out in the lobby would be better.


The parking lot should either let the pass holders in the first driveway, or double the line from that point in, one for pass holders and one for payers. But that's asking for a lot of attentiveness from Albany drivers in the dark.


As mentioned before, I think the concessions are under control of Chartwell's, not the Athletic Dept, except maybe the roving vendors. A continuing problem.


If they're going to slingshot souvenier balls into the crowd, they'd better turn up the lights.


With all the seats in use, not many people could notice the purple running track. It seems to have a good, non-slip surface.

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Overall I was happy with what I saw.


But I also agree with everyone's concerns.


Two enterances for parking, one for those with passes and one for those who will be paying.


Concession situation must be improved, if you want to be fan friendly and kid friendly.


Varsity Club table should be set up in the Lobby.


Maybe we can get some flyers for "Big Purple Fans" in the lobby also.


Is it allowed or possible to allow the general public sit in (listen only) when the press ask Brown questions and when they're done open it to the public for questions.

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Glad to hear that I wasn't the only one that thought the parking pass meant I would have some benefit.


Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought it would get me into some kind of reserved area. It appears if I am late (or just in time) to a well attended game that I still may have to park in the Dutch parking lot. Did I read something wrong when I ordered the parking pass?

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parking line was an issue when i arrived ... administration made an error by deciding on having a 'pay-lot' for this season ... a few years down the road, when congestion is more of an issue, maybe ...

They "should" always have spots for people with parking passes. - Dane Pound

during the football season there was one occassion that my group showed up and was told that the lot was full despite the fact that we had a pre-paid pass ... any chance that there are cars already in that lot before the parking attendants begin their work? ... court looks great, nice job ... still not a fan of turning off the lights over the crowd to spotlight the court

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Attendance and game good!

Parking was not an improvement--I agree with UAalum 72--Parking passes in 1st entrance and pay to park go up the loop.

Season ticket entrance was great but after you got in it took longer to get to your seat than before. For us oldtimers walking up to the upper level and then down to our seats in the first few rows makes no sense. Hope someone in the know reads this stream of good suggestions.

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