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Men's Hoops Wish List for 2005-06

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1) Improved Half-Court Offense


2) Shooting the Ball Earlier in the Half-Court Offense, not with 4 Seconds Remaining on the Shot Clock.


2) Mental Toughness and Composure


3) Showing An Ability to Win On the Road


3) Jon Iati Shooting 3's Again


4) Jamar Wilson With An Assist-To-Turnover Ratio of 112-80, not 112-119


5) Brian Lillis Looking to Score More


6) Brent Wilson 15-20 Pounds Heavier


7) K-Zo Showing Some Emotion, Shooting 50 Percent from the Field and Not Travelling on Every Possession.


8) Consistency From Lucious Jordan


9) Levi Levine Always Smiling and Never Showing a Temper


10) A Banger Down In the Post (Jimmy Covington?)


11) Beating Binghamton on a More Consistent Basis

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Just got back from Bing. We stayed today and watched the UVM-Bing game but were too beat to watch Maine-Northeastern. We had a bunch of drunken idiots in our hotel going through the halls, shouting and slamming doors from about midnight to 5 AM. Vermont was actually at our hotel so I thought they might lose today if they were as tired as we were.


5) Lilis. I couldn't agree more AO. Seemed like he refused to take a couple of wide open 3s yesterday. I'd love to see him shoot those since we know he can make them. That dunk over Billings was awesome.


7) Zoellner. He'd played hard in the Vermont game a couple weeks ago and I thought he'd bring that same kind of effort yesterday. He really struggled and never caught the ball is postion to do anything with it. Really looked like he worked hard for position a few times early in the game and then didn't get the ball delivered to him and got frustrated.


6) I don't know if he needs more weight or not but he was great. The Bing fans around me (yes I was right among them) were pretty happy when he fouled out as he lit them up.


In the story in today's TU they mention that Albany will bring in 3 front court players next year. We know Connelly, Covington and ?. I would have guessed a small forward type but maybe they are bringing in another big guy? I'm sure there will be a ton of discussion about next year's lineup but after watching Brent Wilson develop toward the end of the season it's going to be hard to keep him out of the starting lineup.

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In the story in today's TU they mention that Albany will bring in 3 front court players next year. We know Connelly, Covington and ?. I would have guessed a small forward type but maybe they are bringing in another big guy?


I think he's referring to Dyson as the third front court player.

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Albany desperately needs a "garbage" player on the blocks for next year. Will hit it on the head when he admitted we are a finesse team. We need someone who can rebound exceptionally (doesn't have to be athletic) and set screens for our guards. A blue-collar worker who specializes in defense and doesn't need to see the ball on offense to be happy. Maybe find a JUCO with these skills? We need someone who can step on the floor immediately to fill this hole.

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My wish list is a little different. I wish for:


1. 17+ wins in the regular season.

2. A win against every team in the AE.

3. 2 America East tournament victories.

4. One sellout at the RACC.

5. Attendance improves by at least 250/game.


I think these are all attainable goals. Some more difficult than others and obviously the out of conference schedule can make a difference in #1.

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noticed on saturday at game time that bing had all of their lights on in the events center ... time to turn all of the overhead bulbs on again in the RACC (lights down at game time, dumb move) ... hope to see charlie v. & co. turn the corner in their attempts to draw the student body, further wins on the court will help ... repeat of the 04-05 or 02-03 rookie class (next signing period, mid-april?, official date?) ... another win over siena, top two finish in the AE regular season, conference tournament championship ... nothing unreasonable

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