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Players leaving?

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When someone mentioned that Graham wasn't at the Siena, my first thought was that he left. Dyson just diappeared last year and the JC transfer from Rochester vanished two years ago.


Graham probably assumed that he wouldn't get much time - Covington playing well and is a freshman with the 6'10" coming in next year.


Courtney is a bit disappointing although I don't think he played in any games this year. Had he not played as a freshman walk on, the record that year could have been even worse than it was.


I actually thought Bauman would be the first to leave.


Disappointed that they would leave. Hopefully Courtney doesn't leave school and Graham lands someplace where he can get some PT.

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I know from talk on campus that Courtney hasn't been that happy about not playing that much. Heard he said (not sure how seriously) that he wanted to transfer to St. Rose.


That said, I've still seen him on campus recently.


Kinda surprised Kiel gave up so soon with playing time disappointments, assuming that's what it was. Even with Jimmie getting decent playing time, Kiel was still averaging 10.2 mpg compared to Jimmie's 9.8 (and that's with his Siena playing time).

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It's too bad UAlbany players are leaving the team now, especially when the team could use all the support it can get.


The article in the Times-Union today did not specify the reasons why Johnson and Graham left, so I am not going to speculate much.


I do want to make one comment to Courtney, if you read this board. I am one alumnus, for one, who really appreciates the support you gave to the team in past years when it was really down. You saved us from even bigger disasters. You played hard and spirited, and your effective defense helped the team tremendously. Thanks for giving all your time and effort to the team over these last few years.


I knew that when we were improving a lot in the last couple years, competition for minutes on the floor would become much more acute, and there was the distinct possibility that players would bolt from the team. So this development is no surprise. It hurts, though, when the moment actually comes.


Good luck, Kiel and Courtney, in whatever you choose to do.

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In regards to Johnson I wouldn't be surprised if he went to Saint Rose. I am a Grad Student their right now because SUNY doesn’t have much of a teachers program. Anyways I believe he is a Business Major and they do have a good masters program. Plus I've been to a few Saint Rose Basketball games and he probably could come in and start right away, especially with his DI credentials.


Good Luck to both

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It's too bad that UAlbany does not have much a teacher education program. Not so long ago it used to be one of the best in the state.




I dont know what B9 is talking about; The UA Education program is still considered one of the best in the country, forget state. The education program is ranked 36th in the country (placing it in the top quartile), while the clinical educational program (counsellors in school) is ranked #13.



Olddog....don't fret...the program is still tops.

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My apologize for not clarifying a few things. First when I came to the university as an Undergrad the year before they got rid of the Education Major. Then I was told that there was a five year program to get your masters. Then around junior year I found out that the masters program only accepts a small number of applicant’s numbers around 11 for social studies students.


The school is probably ranked 36th in the nation but to get into the program is incredibly hard especially for my focus which was social studies. They are extremely selective and don't offer much in the area of Special Education which is another area I was interested in. The program at CRS would get me certification in both special ed and reg ed. And I would get it in 3 years, compared to 4 years or more with SUNY. So that’s the reason why I said that SUNY does not offer much in the way for Education.

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Thinking about it after DP's Friday Poll choice today, has anyone heard if Kiel is going to transfer to another school to play or if he just for some reason doesn't want to play anymore? If he's going to another school, I think that would pretty much tell us that his "beaf" had to do with playing time with the Danes.

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Just guessing from the outside but it seems like the JUCO guys have had a tough time adjusting to their role. They are probably the first or second scoring option on their juco team and then are moved into a backup role when then come in.


The excepiton seems to be Siggers. He had a terrific quote before last weeks Cleveland State game about doing anything the coach wanted him to do to help the team win. Really seems to be a team player and gives 100% when he's on the floor. Unfortunetly for Courtney I think Siggers took his role as defensive specialist and gives more size and scoring.

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