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This time Next Month we will be 10-6

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. . . I will bet that we will beat Bing by 20.



I wish I could share your optimism. Lately, we have not beat Bingo at all. Last year's game at home, after being down by 14, was the lone exception since they upgraded to Division I. Yes, I know that Binghamton's record is very poor so far this season, but they are very dangerous, and they always come prepared to play the Danes.


I hope you are wrong. I will take any victory over Binghamton, but I don't know which kind of win I would prefer. Sure, it would be nice to beat them by a sizable score, but I also think that our team needs to beat somebody by a narrow margin. We have not beat anyone in that fashion for almost two years.


If we do not win this game, the season is effectively over. You might as well pack up and hope for next year.

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I think that you look at the schedule and see a lot of winnable games - I would take a .500 record in a month.


Also, the Binghamton game isn't the end of the season. The only games that really matter are in March. It would certainly make all of us feel better if they played well from now through March.


They need to keep working towards March. Certainly, getting off to a bad start in conference would hurt their confidence, but they aren't playing well right now and I'm not sure it's just going to come to them over the next few games.


That said - this is not a strong conference and they do have the most talent in the conference.


Too early to give up.

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With this team I am not sure of anything but I feel if we shoot 40% we win.


If an average Jon Iati, Brent Wilson show up and if Jamar and Lu play up to their pre season ratings the Danes will win.


If Iati and Brent shoot in the 20% range and Jamar and Lu don't perform like first rate AE players we could be in trouble.


Giving up 61 to Harvard was not bad ( their 2nd lowest total of the season).


Scoring 49 was terrible - we had the shots we need to make the shots.


Lets go DANES!!!!

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I have given this alot of thought and its time that this team gets a postive message. There fore in the stands tomorrow I will be holding a sign that says my christmas wish will be a 10-6 record by this time next month, and a AE Title. See you all tomorrow at 5pm for the SU game go UA.

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I have given this alot of thought and its time that this team gets a postive message.  - B9j2j6s

hope to see positive emotion from a sizable crowd tonight vs. binghamton ... i have been too busy w/work in recent days to comment on the criticism presented here, etc ... sad to see/hear "students were chanting for a new coach" - glad to see that the students who come out have expectations and emotions (w/the losses to siena, sacred heart, and harvard it is understandable that there is some fan disappointment), but how about a little loyalty/patience toward the coach/players/program ... new season begins this evening ... go danes

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