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Our neighbors site is fun to read

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I find it interesting that our neighbor's unofficial webite is so interested it what's going on in Dane Land.


UA had a program that was supposedly light years behind theirs and would never be able to compete at their illustrious level ( remember they are the "Crown Jewel of the MAAC). Especially due to the (real) phenominal natural advantages they have like a tremendous fan base and the Pepsi Arena.


For whatever reason - they consistently have UA related threads about our team, our attendance and threads even about those that report on UA Hoops. They even listen to programs to report on what a person says and if they lead with a UA or a Siena story.


Do you think that they realize that there is another DI team in the area???


Probably not - but it sure does make for enjoyable humor. They just work so hard to twist everything that is not Saintly, that makes us prime targets.


With their secure position as a DI powerhouse in a top Mid Major conference one would think they would just sit back and enjoy the great season that they're having.

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I don't know if any of us will ever get what drives some Siena fans. I think the majority of them seem to be good college hoop fans, and some to be good Capital District hoop fans, but they have some people on that board that just make me laugh. One post suggests that we won't give up some extra money to sign Brown, wow they must assume alot, such as where our Athletic programs get there funds, as well as the power of our Alumni. There was an article not to long ago in the TU that said our Athletic budget has doubled over the course of the time that we have been a DI program. A major reason was Alumni support, so to say that we won't have the money to pay a coach who has raised our program to the level that it is now I think is ludicrous, and to suggest a reason is because of the pull of the Professors Union that the University will not be able to sign a coach. Then how do other SUNY schools like Bing, Buffalo, and SBU, sign coaches? Unless each state school has its own Union Laws, which I would be shocked if it did. I think for whatever reason some Siena fans are just paranoid that another team aprox. 5 miles up the road is having success and is growing and they can't handle it. This weekend was a perfect example of our growth as a program. Selling out the RACC for the first time, it was a great accomplishment and we should all be proud.


That’s not say that we are angels on that board either, we do attack them every now and then, mainly when we face them. I think Siena should just focus on themselves after all their leading scorer this year is a Senior (according to what Yahoo.com says I'm assuming that its right), and who knows how Haddix there golden boy will do next year coming off back to back injury years.


Its time to realize that both of our schools skies look bright, both of us have good incoming recruitment classes. So lets hope that both programs do well and that next years Albany Cup game, goes UA’s way.

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Their concerns about UA playing at the Pepsi Arena seem unfounded. To be perfectly honest I think I would dislike it more than they would.


I actually brought some Siena season ticket holders with me to the BPG (Iknow you're all horrified). They were impressed that our seats were at half court and that they had a good line of sight. We had both talked previously about how neither of us had a good view of the foul/non-foul on Jamar Wilson at the end of the Siena-UA game because it was at the other end of the court and we were both in the far corner.


Then they asked me what the tickets cost. As you would probably expect the tickets at the Pepsi are over twice as much as they are at the RACC. They were surprised to know they could get courtside tickets, premium parking and access to the HOF room for substantially less than their tickets at the Pepsi without any of those things. I'm not sure they'll be UA ticket holders next year but you could see the wheels turning.


I'm not denigrating what Siena has downtown and it's a great recruiting tool for them. I'm just not pining away for the Pepsi. Not that we couldn't afford it but I'd rather donate that extra money to the University than shell it out to the Pepsi Arena.

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Dane Pound,


I'm not horrified that you brought Siena fans to the RACC. Good for you. I hope it was a pleasant experience all around, and it sounds like it from your description. It amazes me that several posters on the Siena forum make these incredible judgments about our program and our facilities without having experienced them.


My sister-in-law, who has visited numerous games at the RACC, absolutely refuses to attend any event at the Pepsi. She feels much too uncomfortable there. And the view of the game is so much better in our seats at the RACC, as you ably point out.


I don't mind an occasional game at the Pepsi (The Siena game has to be there because of the number of fans who want to attend.), but I prefer the comfort, lighting, sound system, and general amenities at our place.


I do wonder what will happen to our ticket prices as our attendance increases. We already saw a substantial price increase this year. I guess it's the sacrifice one must pay to insure continued success.


Great post, Dane Pound!

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My feelings on the subject are:


It is amusing to read their board. Their concern with us is always greater when they lose than when they win. Since they actually won last night, I figure they will talk less about our team for a few days. I found it amusing how much talk there was about our crowd of 4500 last weekend. I noticed their announced crowd last night was about 4600. Since I wasn't there I don't know if there really were 4600 people there last night or if it was only announced so it was bigger than our crowd. In any event, the atmosphere of a crowd of 4500 in a building with a capacity of 4500 is always better than a similar size crowd in a building with a capacity of 13,000 or 14,000. For that reason I hope most of our games are played on campus. I even would rather occassionly play the Siena game on campus then move more games to the Knick. I thought all of the campus (Stony Brook, Binghamton, Marist ,Hartford, Notre Dame, UCLA, San Diego St, Syracuse just to name a few) I visited had added something to the game that a county owned arena does not have.


Lastly, I disagree with B9j2j6s statemnt that most of Siena fans are good fans. I would say some of them are but not most. This is the same fan base that could not leave the building fast enough when down by 6 to UAB in the NIT game 3 or 4 yrs ago instead of waiting an extra 30 seconds to give the team a deserved cheer for a well played NIT run. The fan conduct was not an issolated instance.

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