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Jamar Got It!!!

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Congrats to Jamar.


In my world he was it. Just the best all-around player and the focus of the best team. Scores, assist, rebounds, steals, shoots the 3, hits his free throws, plays 37 minutes, and controlled the TO's as the season progressed.


Now time to prove it again.

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Interesting comments from AE "Coach of the Year" Larry Harrison from....


Good In Transition - Adeleke Making Most Of Second Chance (linked previously)


"He really is a model citizen and a model student athlete," Hartford coach Larry Harrison said.........


There have been some incidents. Adeleke has not started a few games this season because he was late to practice, and his temper got the best of him after a loss at Boston University earlier this season, when he broke a window in a locker room door.


I wonder what standards Harrison uses to judge his model citizens??????

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Congrats to Jamar - UA's first "POY" at the DI level!!!!!!


Congrats to Brent and "K" their awards show that "Hard work does pay off"



I echo just about everything Patch has said.


Congratulations to Jamar! You are the best all-around player in the AE this year.


Kudos also to Brent and KZo. You both deserved your honors. Earlier this season who would have thought KZo would be so honored? (Is anybody making an award for Ginzo at the tourney this weekend?)


I am sorry that Coach Brown did not pick up COY this season. I was not sure he would get it. I thought Bill Herrion, and, yes, maybe even Al, were worthy recipients. I just do not understand Harrison receiving it. Earlier this season many knowledgeable posters, including those from Hartford, were wondering whether Harrison would keep his job. (Yes, people were wondering also about Brown's fate, but for different reasons.)


In my opinion, Coach Brown's comments about Adeleke were not very wise. First, people can change, and it's kind of unfair for another coach to comment on a player from another school. Second, we do not need to motivate Hartford any more against us. I know Brown often speaks his mind, but I thought this was not one of his better thoughts.


All in all, these awards should not serve as a distraction from the real issue here - the games this weekend. The awards demonstrate just how far this team and program have come, but the team has loftier goals. Let's hope this weekend finds the team still able to fulfill another dream. Go, Danes!

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I agree that Coach did not need to take verbal shots at Adeleke on the eve of the tourney. Rule 101: never give the opposition "bulletin board material" for their locker room. Let sleeping dogs lie. 90% of the time, Coach says the right things. But he loses good will with opposing teams and coaches by unecessary comments. This may have something to do with the COY vote.

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You guys said what I was thinking about the Adeleke statement. I agree with his thought on it but was sorry to see it in the paper.


In any event great recognition for Jamar, Zo and Brent. Congrats to them. Hopefully we'll see one or more of them on the all-tourney team. Another place no Albany men's player has been! Tourney weekend is finally here!

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