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I went to the football luncheon today and was surprised that attendance was low. Where were all the diehard Albany Football fans? Coach Ford gave about a 15 minute talk about the team and then answered questions. It was very informative. Just disappointed that there weren't a whole lot of fans there. Next one is Oct. 22, so let's sell out the joint.


DaneFan2k3, where the hell were you? All you do is mock the fans of Albany and this board and then you don't show up? Typical.



Love the new board, I was tired of that voy.com crap. Anyone else notice that DanePound and bigpurpl are the same person?

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Ford, basically summed up last season and talked about how proud he was of the seniors. Then he discussed the first four games of this season and how proud he was of the defense. Ford talked about the injuries on the team and remarked that this freshmen class was the best group he ever had.



To do pre or postgame lunches would be hard considering Ford is busy getting ready for the opponent before the game and wouldn't be able to talk to anyone and after the game he may not be in the mood to talk if they lose.

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Anyone else notice that DanePound and bigpurpl are the same person?

Yes Bigpurpl and Dane Pound are both me. When I log in as admin it registers me as BigPurpl. I generally post as Dane Pound.

Thanks for the recap of the football luncheon. I assume the one on October 22nd is at the Armory Center? I'll start getting my boss ready for my two hour lunch that day.

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I signed myself up (ok I lie, my wife signed me up, but whatever) for the athletics e-mail newsletter thing the other day. They sent out a notice about the luncheon, but I had a meeting that day and I couldn't go.


Has anyone else signed up for this? I've only gotten one issue (this week), but maybe they give out notice about these things in there? She said you can sign up on the front page of the UAlbany sports website.

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I signed up a while ago and I've recieved 3 or 4 newsletters so for. They're nice and the keep you up on whats going on in athletics at UA.


Results, upcoming games, Danes Club, special events etc.


I think it's a good additon by the Athletic Department and I'm down on them alot of the time.

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I get the newsletter too and I agree its very informative. My co-worker who went to St. John's was jealous that his school didn't do the same thing. Its nice for those out of town alumni or those on the road to keep up to date with what's going on.


I don't remember seeing the luncheon publicized in the newsletter, but I did catch the rolling ad on the right side of the website giving me all the details.

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Because other than the staff people, there were a couple of donors and one older couple. 



I may resemble that remark :o (though I won't tell my wife about it ! )


As a matter of personal opinion, as a UA staffer I preferred it when the Chalk Talks were in the Patroon Room, and more of my colleagues turned out.

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