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The ASP Sports Section is a joke


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I have to say that the people who write for the ASP Sports Section are a disgrace. Not only do they pick up the TU's pointless article on UAlbany atheletes not making the grade, but then they bash the Athletic Director for saying that when the new stadium is built they can average 10-15,000 people a game. The author says that because only a few thousand people show up for current games, that automatically they won't show up when the new stadium is built. I mean, instead of saying something positive about the school you go and lay down some stupid speculation grounded with zero facts about a stadium that hasn't even been built yet. It truly is pathetic, and it makes me angry because these writers are students that jump at any little thing to make Albany Athletics look like a joke. Good job guys, keep up the good work. Keep showing your school pride.

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I totally agree, I mean the article on the UAlbany-Siena rivalry was such an incoherent ramble that only John Madden could appriciate. I mean I genuinally hate Siena, that moron wasn't at the Pepsi in 2001 getting laughed at and then the euphoria of 2004 when they ran those choir boys out of the building. D2, now what! I wonder how long that guy has actually been a student at UAlbany. Consider yourself lucky kid that you are enjoying UA basketball at a time of power. Beating Siena in this community is huge with the media and the average fan working against you.

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I couldnt find the story you were referring to on-line. I did find a story on the UA-$iena soccer game and I liked the opening paragraph:


"UAlbany men's soccer added another notch to the belt that has been used to whip crosstown rival Siena in nearly every sport thus far this fall season, prevailing 3-1 in front of a listed attendance of 200 at Varsity Field on Wednesday."


That's poetry right there.

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I read the article when I was on campus today and was going to start a thred about it but looks like someone beat me to it. My thoughts on the article was that the author was extremely bias and was anti athletics, he didn't seem to have much school spirit.


He didn't recognize the current facts that the current bleechers can only accomedate around 4k, and the other side of the field is ussually not filled because that is where opponents fans sit.


He didn't understand how important the facility could be to the community at large; He made refrence to the Arena football team and the River Rats as examples of why community support for UA Football won't happen. I don't think the author realizes that UA has the chance to hold a monopoly on D-I AA Football in the capital region, the way Siena had in D-I Basketball until we moved up.


The author talked about current attendence at 5k for Fordham and 2k for CCSU, and based on this current attendence how embarressing it will be for the stadium to be empty. He also talked about the ECAC Bowl back in 2003 and how such a big event was only attended by under 1,000 people. He didn't know that day was a miserable one to be at a football game, I remember seeking refuge from the wind and the bitter cold inside the PE building on the second floor.


Thats all I can remember about the article, it will probably be up sooner or later, it was very poor and definitly not writtin by someone who enjoys athletics.

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