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Brown officially suspended 1 game

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Emperor, oh excuse that should be Commissioner, Nero might be better advised to use his time recruiting some knowledgable, competent, TV talent for AETV broadcasts. Wasn't this the guy who was going to take AE to the next level ? That usually means UP, not down.


I would imagine he'll get a warm welcome from the UA faithful if he ever shows his face at the SEFCU Arena :glare:

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i thought we won the cold war.


America East just released its new logo by the way.



wonder if they make this on a shirt? ;)


i agree with JonUA97 on every point. he always says it best.




I love the logo. It can go on the back of the t-shirts. Sadly Ms. Blue Hen and I have to go to a corporate function for her job here on Long Island on Saturday evening and I will not be able to make the trip to Bingo.


You want to know what the best part about this whole mess is. Coach comes out smelling like roses and the emperor smells like rose fertilizer! I hope that the hit counter on CoachWillBrown.com is going bananas!



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Just saw the Fox23 interview. My steadfast support of Brown continues. He is right...our society is sometimes taught to hold things back that we are all thinking. I think his point is well made. While his statements may not have been the greatest, considering the situation the punishment FAR FAR outweighs the crime.


I also saw the "animated" McElory-Brown conversation: Didn't look like McElroy was that fired up...good for him.


Brown made his point and Nero made his. The effect of one FAR and OUTWEIGHS the other.



That being said, it must be noted that NERO, up to this puzzling deciison, has made some GREAT STRIDES for this conference and bringing legitimacy to it.



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when are we going to see the t-shirt jon? lol


I'm not going to press this issue by making t-shirts after having some conversations with my general counsel.


I would not want to serve a multi-game suspension that would have me watching the BPG from the Across the Street Pub instead of me seats in Sec. 200 Row L seats 9-12 (I post my seats just in case the Commissioner wants to come and visit with me at a game).


Like Commissioner Nero

Siena Still Sucks!



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Long Island Newsday on Brown suspension.....


College Sports Steven Marcus




Nero fiddles, burns Brown

January 8, 2007


Totalitarianism has hit America East basketball. Watch what you say, it could cost you.


Coach Will Brown, the Miller Place graduate who led Albany's basketball team to the NCAA Tournament last year, was suspended a game for criticizing the conference's basketball schedule. He wasn't fined; coaches in this conference aren't paid enough to be.


Commissioner Pat Nero, who thinks he is running some big-time conference, levied the suspension. This was an adverse route for a low mid-major conference to make a negative splash. All the good teams have left America East and Nero knocks one of the good coaches he has among the remaining teams?


Brown has a website, as many coaches do, and wrote that it was a "joke" and "mess" that Albany was made to play four league games in seven days. This was the team that gave America East a big dose of positive publicity by nearly shocking Big East UConn in an opening-round game. Albany led by 12 points with 11 minutes left before UConn came to life for a 72-59 win in the first-round game. Brown served notice that he is a coach to be reckoned with. And Nero tried to knock him down a peg with this silly suspension last week. Brown merely listened to the game on radio, but suffered as his team lost to Binghamton.


Nero got himself on Google. Yahoo for him. America East has taken a nosedive as a conference since affable Chris Monasch left to become athletic director at St. John's. Nero should find some new teams to join the conference instead of disciplining one of the bright young coaches he has. This stunt with Brown will not strengthen his resume.


What's the big deal with a coach talking about a schedule?


Brown rightfully thought that his team's defending champion status deserved a more spread out timetable for league games. That he was banished a game for his opinion is ludicrous. Of course, there is no appeal system in the autocratic NCAA system; conference commissioners hold dominion over their minions. Who does Nero think he is, David Stern?


To be sure, Brown has the reputation as being outspoken, but he is refreshing. He's had to struggle with health issues most of his life and had to prove his worth as a basketball coach by beating the bushes at Sullivan CC before getting a chance to be an assistant at Albany. Then, he twisted contract-wise at Albany until his administration decided a guy who built a team from nothing deserved to remain.


If I can guess Brown's game plan it would be to grab another conference title and then get out and into the national spotlight where he belongs. And away from the small time minds running this small conference.

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Not much of a respectable column. I hadn't read anywhere that Will "thought that his team's defending champion status deserved a more spread out timetable for league games" - don't put words in his mouth.


And it's not fair to Nero either - it was under the 'affable Chris Monasch' that AEast took a nosedive and lost Northeastern, Delaware, Drexel, Hofstra, and Towson, not under Nero. Men's hoops has recovered a little this year.

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I would not be too concerned I place Newsday way below the Times Useless and just slightly below the Daily Sport (the Daily Sport does have those nice pictures)


It is a rag of a Newspaper not worth the ash that would result from burning it.


Like Emperor Nero

Siena Still Sucks

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