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90 Connecticut 15-8 0.5493 87 0.5403 Bige 4-6




91 Albany 18-7 0.5492 204 0.4740 Aeast 11-2

92 Iowa 13-10 0.5491 50 0.5597 Big10 5-4

93 Oakland 13-10 0.5479 124 0.5160 Midco 7-1

94 Hawaii 13-10 0.5461 72 0.5481 Wac 4-6

95 Auburn 13-10 0.5456 28 0.5733 Sec 4-5

96 Indiana St. 11-11 0.5435 41 0.5658 Mvc 5-8

97 Vermont 17-6 0.5429 214 0.4718 Aeast 9-1



Of course this is cyclical, however we should stay at least STAGNANT with a win over Vermont. Was three years ago the last time the AE had two sub 100 teams. Of note, Bucknell and their hot streak. They keep winning and they have raised their RPI to 108.


If somehow we can beat UVM and Boise....and Bucknell keeps winning, we could get in the low 80's by the end of next week.


Of note....I didnt have the patience to scroll much further down to find our friends.


CUE SAINTS73 and his comments on my envy of our neighbors up north.

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The RPI must have just changed because now UCONN is #92, and we're #91 ... hehe, go figure.


Re: the Loudenville Country Club, I changed my mouse settings so that I could scroll several lines at once (to make it easier to scroll down). I finally found Siena at #155.



After Siena's game tomorrow it should be easier to find them by starting at the bottom instead of at the top like it is on most lists that Siena appears on!!!

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