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Binghamton stifles UA

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BU played 11 players in the 1st half to wear down the Danes.


Who would have believed Jon Iati was going to go scoreless the first half and the Danes would walk off up 24-23.


Iati's struggles continued the second half and the Danes were still in it.


Levi and Jon each had 5 TOs each had a couple of terrible ones that led to layups for BU.


"Q" and Wyatt had fine games with Wyatt playing the best I've seen from him over the last 2 1/2 years.


With 14 seconds down 3 we couldn't rebound a missed free throw and the game was over.


We were out rebounded by a bigger team 30-29.


This team competes but we can't be successful with 2 guys going 40 and another 2 going 37 and 36 minutes.


Binghamton had 1 player go 35, 1 player go 31 and 5 players in the 20s. Fresh legs and rested minds win games down the stretch.


On to Maine let's hope for the best.

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I will tell you what...it must impress other coaches in the league that our squad can hang when so undermanned. There havent been too many games that we have been out of. A couple of breaks here and there...and we could be 5-9 or 6-8...instead of 3-11. I have to give our players and coaches alot of credit.


The payoff will come in the next two years.


Professor, that is great to hear about Hughes. I have to think he will make some difference in a few games later in the season. We may get to the 6-7 win level with him.


Sounds like Wyatt was a beast tonite. He seems to be playing with more aggressiveness in his last two games. Martin seemed to have a decent game as well. Knotts...still an enigma....ahhh.


Hey...thought Courtney may not see alot of time next year...it is refreshing to know that there wont be a huge drop off after Wilson, Jordan, Iati, Bauman....if we need to go to three guards. You guys think he stays or transfers?

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There havent been too many games that we have been out of. A couple of breaks here and there...and we could be 5-9 or 6-8...instead of 3-11. I have to give our players and coaches alot of credit. - Dane96


This team is over achieving even with their poor record - 8 players suited up, 7 play, 5 scholarship players, 2 non scholarship players logging real big minutes and a freshman backcourt. I believe a healthy Jamar and this team is around .500.


Hey...thought Courtney may not see alot of time next year...it is refreshing to know that there wont be a huge drop off after Wilson, Jordan, Iati, Bauman....if we need to go to three guards. You guys think he stays or transfers? - Dane96


That's a Courtney decision.


Right off the get go he's at best a 4th guard for next year's team. Plus, Bauman ( a very good shooter) and Lillis(6'5" with guard skills offers UA a Big Guard) each have something special that Courtney doesn't have to offer and they are not being brought in to sit - so they will be stealing more time from Courtney. Courtney is a solid defender but a few times this season he has committed dumb fouls in crucial times way away from the basket.


I'm sure if he wanted to leave the coaching staff could get him a scholarship somewhere. He has proven to be a decent player and would be atleast a real solid DII players or a low DI role player.

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I couldn't agree with you more regarding your assessment of the coaching job being done by the Danes Staff. They have kept us more than competive in most games against much deeper, talented and experienced teams. The fruits of their labors will begin to be realized beginning next year........and for years to come. I may be a tad biased but I don't think we have to worry about getting out-coached.

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I agree this team is competing hard every game. Wyatt played well and it really seemed to be his type of game. Lots of grabbing and clutching. Thought both he and St. Hillaire were a little too suburban-league late in the game against Billings. Both had the ball down low against him while he had four fouls and both seem afraid to get their shot blocked. Some of it was fatigue I'm sure but I would have liked to see them throw one down and at least take a chance on getting Billings out of there.

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Rebounding wins games......interesting numbers from ESPN.COM






is read by- 1reb per every <min>


MARTIN 4.78 x

WYATT 4.96

ST HILL 5.03







ST HILL 7.29

MARTIN 7.33 x


WYATT 9.45

KNOTTS 13.14

JOHNSO 13.59




WYATT 10.46

MARTIN 13.75 x

ST HILL 16.26

LEVINE 22.86

KNOTTS 23.00










PIP 18




Hey PATCH, Very intersting don't you think? Well, Either way, am i the only one missing this?? Lord knows we have more coaches suited up than we do players.....

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big growl 01


Very interesting stats but.......


Rebounding is important but......


The biggest problem with UA right now is not really rebounding - it's turnovers and creating offense.


Our rebounding for our team size is much improved. It's hard at the DI level to play with 6'6" Center and PF.


Todd is a actually a 6'7" wing who in my opinion struggles mightly guarding quick 6'4"-6'7" athletes.


I feel his overall play has improved and his time I feel has been limited mainly for defensive reasons and he sometimes struggles turning and facing on the wing and creating shots.


This team is missing a center and also missing one of the most talented performers in the conference, Jamar Wilson (20ppg/ 50% FG in AE play last season as a true freshmman) a kid who could create off the dribble.


The Danes are very shorthanded yet their "D" has kept them in almost every game.


If Todd continues to improve, physically mature and hit the weights hard he will be a nice player for the Danes. I believe his minutes have been limited by match up problems.


Iati and Levine are leading the TO parade but they are being doubled all the time and logging big minutes - after that.....


"Q" 423min 22 TOs

Johnson 367min 25 TOs (Doing alot of ball handling)

Wyatt 293min 27 TOs

Knotts 227min 16 TOs

Martin 220min 16 TOs


Todd now shows some problems add this to what is percieved as defensive liabilities against 3 guard sets, real athletic wings and can't handle power players. It costs him minutes.

Edited by Patch
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You start to wonder who some posters are especially when somebody posts for Todd Martin. Could it be a relative? Maybe daddy?


The kid has a chance to be a decent player. Right now he doesn't dribble or pass well and couldn't guard Fat Albert off the dribble!


Bottom line is the kid will be a role player at best in the future. Luscious Jordan, Jamar Wilson, Levi Levine, and Iati will get all of the perimeter minutes in the near future!!! You can bet on it! Also, Albany signed two other guards!


If somebody is looking for this kid to be an impact or star than maybe he should transfer. If not, then stop making stupid posts. Albany is not having a problem rebounding. They are struggling with TO's and scoring! Martin can't help in either area!!

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Sorry professor but I have to disagree. If Martin played the minutes of of Levine and Iati, especially in the last few games, his stats would be better than both. He is playing very tight and knows one error means the bench. Not so for Iati and Levine who had four assists to the opposition in the the last 4 minutes against BingU. If you want to knock on someone, knock on those who get the minutes.

PS: Has anyone made Iati aware that he is only 5' 9", at best, and can't jump and doesn't belong in the lane at crucial times!, and he is NOT a point guard!!

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Oh yeah! By the way Iati has been a 4X AE Rookie of the Week already! Granted he played awful against BIng! STill hit two big 3's TO KEEP Albany in the game!


Are you another Martin relative??? Ask UNH or Juan Barea of Northeastern who is the best pg in the AE about how good Iati is?


You are crazy comparing Martin who can't create offense to Levine who is an ALL AE player! Your a moron!!


Obviously their is a reason Martin plays the minutes that he does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oldtimer and the professor


Why get in a pis**n match.


I personally think you are both off base a little.


1st Jon Iati was brought in to be a point guard!!!!!! He was to transport the ball and get it to Jamar and Levi. He was going to hit the open 3 and make FTs at the end of a game. With Jamar out he has been asked to do what Jamar was called upon to do plus his job. Coach Brown and the staff think enough of him to keep him on the floor for 40 minutes because there is no one else at his position. If we took Iati off the floor and let Todd run the show what would happen?


2nd Martin plays the minutes he does mainly because of defensive match ups. He can't guard when the opposition plays 3 guards and he struggles with 6-4 to 6'7" athletic small forwards and he definitely can't handle power players. The freshman that come in next year basically will be lucky to get Martin type minutes this year. Defense has kept us in games not our anemic offense.


3rd professor as knowledgable as you are why do you have to be so caustic?


4th I have posted that TOs kill and Levi and Jon are our worst offenders but remember they are being pressured by the best defenders and often double teamed. Martins mistakes are all one on one with a weaker defender playing him.

What would happen if we didn't have them on the floor.


Finally this is a tough year for the Danes - next year with about 12 or 13 bodies dressed no one is going to be asked to go 40 minutes and play through their mistakes. It doesn't matter if it's Jamar or Lucious, if they are struggling they are coming out, being instructed and will return when thew coahes see fit.


Instead of fighting amongst ourselve and downgrading our kids it's time for us to support them all. That doesn't mean we can't have differing opinions or view points it just means we shouldn't start assaulting each other.


As Patrick Henry once said - If we don't hang together we'll surely hang separately!!!
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How many times did Wyatt get knocked to the floor yesterday? Gotta wonder if after last week's suspensions we were expecting the league to have the refs trying to keep games more under control and he was trying to buy a few extra fouls - which seemed to work, at least Billings didn't have another career day.


BTW Patch I think it was Ben Franklin, not Patrick Henry, but a good thought anyway.

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