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Suggestions for the program

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Considering Dane96's previous success with getting the football ticket information on the Albany website by mentioning it on the old forum I thought I'd start this string. I was hoping to get some suggestions about the program from a fans perspective (not just complaints) and email them in from time to time to Charlie Voelker and staff who seems open to feedback.

Here's a few for starters:

-The football and basketball shows with Roger Wyland on Saturday. These are a great idea but are on (noon) exactly when I am driving into the game. If they can't move them to an earlier time (which I understand) then maybe they could air it on the radio like a pregame show. Sure I could record the show and watch it later but the whole idea is that they talk about the days opponent.

-Hot beverages at the football game. This should be a no-brainer. We were discussing with the people in front of us at the St. Peters game how much we would have paid for a cup of coffee by the third quarter. How many sales are they missing out on? 50-100 cups? and that's just what I would have bought.

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The Athletic Department(or University) must consider taking over the sales at Football and Basketball games when the University negotiates the next food service agreement. This would include refreshments and Danes Wear. It is not a big income now, but as the program grows it can be. Give me a dozen "work study students" and free reign(no pay) and we will make several thousand dollars.

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I agree with both posts. As for the shows, most schools usually air those on a thursday or friday. There is obvious syndication issues/programming, but there has to be a way to get it on at some point during the week.


I also think we need to get the high schools involved...get the kids to the games...free tix and all...its not like we would be losing money to those who pay for tickets (ie. we are not selling out).


School band...even dinky ass schools like Northeastern has one. We have a school of 17000 students. We have a very accomplished music dept (###### I almost failed my frosh music class, but that was probably cause of all those nites at the Lampost). This brings out a more big time feel for us.


GET THE FRATS INVOLVED! I know this sounds ridiculous, but the school used to allow alcohol. The oldtimers on this board (no offense guys) probably know what I am talking about. I heard stories of kegs on the hills on the small stands sides etc. Why they may be exaggerated, we are NOT A DRY CAMPUS...if i remember correctly a of age student could keep up to two cases of beer in the dorm. So...why not get tailgating action in the parking lot or on the grassy areas off to the side. ITS RIDICULOUS....I mean really...half the people who go to big time games are going for the atmosphere as well as the game. There has to be someway to control the use of beverages while giving the frats and sororities a chance to hang out and go nuts.


MAKE THIS ALBANY's team. Have players go to schools (I know they already do)...make a presence. Make the surrounding towns WANT to come to games. ######....after I get my law degree and if McElroy ever left...i would love to take his job. Its not all about fundraising...its about PRESENCE!!!!!! I would even hire the PROFESSOR!!!!!

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I raise Millions of dollars every year for my companies Hedge Funds here in NYC. In fact I have raised over 26 million in the last 3 years for this company. I raise money for a living. I know if I was hired I could do the same for the University's athletic deopartment. It would be easy in my opinion as compared to what I am doing now. It would probably be a blast. Give me an office, phone, and 10% of whatever I raise. We would have a stadium by 2007.

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I've asked about the food concessions, they're part of the University's overall food contract, so it may be tough to separate out athletics until the contract's renewed.


There may be a problem giving away tickets to high schools, since the students are potential recruits, unless the NCAA only bans individual comp tickets, and not mass giveaways. You could still give them to middle schools, though.


Yes, there were kegs on the hill, but they were banned when the drinking age went up from 18. (common response: "What, they expect us to watch Division III football without beer?"). That was before the north stands went up in the late 80's. I just noticed those seats are starting to rust.


Even without a band, the school does have a fight song - the Earthtones have recorded it - and they ought to play it a few times a game, if not after every score, just for a kind of brand identification, showing it's a program that stands on its own, instead of just playing Notre Dame's march or old rock songs. They've got to make it look like the university itself takes the program seriously.


I wish the local TV would shoot their tape from the gym roof to give the game highlights a more professional look than those awful field-level, shoulder-held camera shots like from every high-school game.


Ruler, tell you what... if it's that easy, get your own office, take 10% plus expenses, (don't forget naming rights) and the members of this forum would probably kick in enough to buy you your first phone until the money starts rolling in. ;)

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in response to UAalum72, "I wish the local TV would shoot their tape from the gym roof to give the game highlights a more professional look than those awful field-level, shoulder-held camera shots like from every high-school game" ... i would encourage the local media to shoot highlights from the visiting sideline ... currently, every tv tape shows small crowds on the visitors' bleechers ... it looks like a pop warner crowd ... we're not drawing large numbers, but on days where a few thousand show up, the tv highlights make it appear as though only thirty-four fans were on hand ... small stuff, but it matters ...

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I get your point, but if there's a small crowd like last week the home side doesn't look much better. I was thinking that the angle from the roof would show more of the field and less of the stands, and is the view people are used to watching a TV game from.

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