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This rumor has been kicking around a while, coupled with dropping Creighton from the Midwest trip to make room for Duke. But this report apparently puts Creighton back in play


Hmm, I thought I heard as late as the bball banquet on Saturday that Creighton was a no go.

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So our OOC schedule looks brutel so far. I will say though it will most likely prepare us for anything the AE could throw at us.


Home Games

Boise State


Away Games




St. Bonn


Iowa State

One Last Open Date (Creighton, Iowa, Boston College and Pitt)



M.S. Sports Blog

“It’s a combination of things,” McElroy said. “The BracketBuster and that travel debacle has something to do with it. And really, the (America East) conference is building a strong relationship with ESPN. This will probably the third year in a row we’ll play a BracketBuster game, in addition to the potential Duke game.”

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OK...so how many tickets would we get at Cameron Indoor? Any? I'm definitely making that trip if we do.

Not very many. Cameron only holds about 9,000. Don't plan on any unless you're a parent.


Thats what I thought, but keep hope alive for a nice allotment! :rolleyes:

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Commentary from the Loudonville forum

Why wouldn't they televise it?!


It's two teams that are perennially in the NCAA Tournament.

8. "Re: UAlbany/Duke"

In response to message #7

Hahahahaha good one MAAC man. I’m sure many people will confuse the two programs since they are both in the NCAA tournament so often.


More often than $iena lately, anyway

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They are a bunch of fools over there especially that mental midget SaintsFan, I've put him in his place so many times I've lost count.....can't wait for Stanford vs. Siena. Stanford ranked 15th preseason by Katz and Duke 19th. At least it's a money game for us while they get their ass handed to them by a pair of 7'ers in front of a half asleep crowd. I might have to go to that ass kicking.


P.S. Someone should call to see if NJIT is available to pad our OOC schedule, on second thought I'm pretty sure .500 Fran has them locked up for a home and home.

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OK...so how many tickets would we get at Cameron Indoor? Any? I'm definitely making that trip if we do.

Not very many. Cameron only holds about 9,000. Don't plan on any unless you're a parent.


My roomate from law school got tickets for a December OOC game at Duke just a few years ago. The game he went to, however, was sometime during winter break (the week between Christmas and New Years, I believe). I'll ask him how he got tickets because I am also positive that he has/had no affiliation or relationship to Duke, so I suppose it is at least remotely possible to get tickets there for a game ... .


Moreover, the exam period for the Fall 2007 semester at Duke ends on December 16, which puts us UAlbany fans in a great position to snatch up some tickets for a rumored December 17 game. Here is the Duke 2007-08 Academic Calendar:


FALL 2007

August 21 Tuesday. New graduate student orientation

August 21 Tuesday. New undergraduate student orientation begins

August 22 Wednesday. 11:00 a.m. Convocation for new undergraduate students; 4:00 p.m. Convocation for graduate and professional school students

August 27 Monday. 8:30 a.m. Fall Semester classes begin; Drop/Add continues

September 3 Monday. Labor Day. Classes in session

September 7 Friday. 5:00 pm, Drop/Add ends

September 30 Sunday. Founders' Day

October 5 Friday. 7:00 p.m. Fall break begins

October 10 Wednesday. 8:30 a.m. Classes resume

October 12 Friday. Last day for reporting midsemester grades

October 31 Wednesday. Registration begins for Spring Semester, 2008

November 14 Wednesday. Registration ends for Spring Semester, 2008

November 15 Thursday. Drop/Add begins

November 20 Tuesday. 10:30 p.m. Thanksgiving recess begins

November 26 Monday. 8:30 a.m. Classes resume

November 30 Friday. Graduate classes end

December 1 - 9 Saturday-Sunday. Graduate reading period; length of the 200-level course reading period is determined by the professor

December 7 Friday. Undergraduate classes end

December 8-10 Saturday-Monday. Undergraduate reading period

December 11 Tuesday. Final examinations begin

December 16 Sunday. 10:00 p.m. Final examinations end



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I'm sure they'll be easy to get on Stub Hub. ACC season ticket holders buy them for the league rivalries and the ACC-Big 10 whatever it's called. They really don't have any interest in OOC games vs nonBCS opponents. I assume everyone knows that Stanford is coming to the TUC because they will have a senior from the Hudson Valley area and Siena, with the opportunity to sell more seats could afford to pay them the most of any nonBCS school within 75 miles.


One more point - i assume that part of Coach's new contract is a requirement to bring in more guarantee money; hence the comment about maybe playing three money games. Personally, i don't like it, but if you want the university to pay more to retain the coach, you have to put up with these guarantee games.

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