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Alright I know that some of the players look on this site to read what we have to say.


DP and probably a few others remember my famous sign which was a goal of 10-6 (the dear Santa poster) I set for the team two years ago. Unfortunately I'm on LI job hunting so I can't make the next home game against UVM.


So this is my WAKE UP CALL, Delayed Letter to Santa etc. The goal will be 13-7 by this time next month.


If someone wants to make this into a sign for the next hg please feel free. The new season starts on Jan. 3 2008 UA-U-KNOW



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I think you would be surprised by who reads this site - even occassionally just out of curiosity. These players live, eat, and breathe basketball - it's definately not out of the realm of possibility for it to occur. I've heard of players checking sites (not here), via friends of theirs, who have told me they read message boards etc.. Think of all the time you spend goofing around online (right now reading/writing on this site) and how you might check stuff like that... just a thought lol

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I have heard the coaches look in here too. - purplehaze


I'm sure they take our advice - how else would he have made 2 NCAAs in a row!!!!!!


On a serious note......


1. The coaches probably get some chuckles from our comments because they are the ones who are with the team daily and know whats happening day to day, good or not so good.


2. The players probably react differently - they probably get some joy or satisfaction out of the compliments and probably feel crappy when negative comments about them are printed.


No matter what - I believe all the players are trying their best for the team to be successfull and that we as fan(atic)s should be somewhat careful with our comments.


Right know I don't think UA is or has been a hotbed of NBA talent. Our players should compete as best they can and make sure they get an education. If they could produce another trip to the "Big Dance" of course that would be greatly appreciated.

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Hopefully if players and coaches do read the site it's for amusement only.


I like B9's confidence/prediction for the next group of games and beyond. Had we closed out the Bona and Boise state game we'd be here with a record similar to UMBC and be talking about running through the conference. I think by the end of the year we will be closing out those kinds of games.


The positive thing I've been surprised with this year is rebounding. I thought we'd be a good rebounding team for America East but as big as ISU was we actually outrebounded them by 6. We should be dominating AE teams on the boards.

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