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Brown Candidate for Providence Job?

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The America Least Blog first speculated that the source of the rumor could have resulted in the following manner:


While looking at Providence's scout.com message boards, I clicked on the premium forum to find a thread entitled, "Will Browne - SUNY Albany??" Now, silent 'e' aside, we know who they are talking about. I'm sure it is just some fan saying "why don't we hire him? " or "should we be looking at him?" and that Brown probably is not a candidate for the job. However, it is interesting to note. Since it is for subscribers to Providence's board, I can't read it, so if anyone can, I'd be interested to hear what they have to say. Maybe Fran McCaffery recommended Brown to PC, since he doesn't have such a hefty buyout? Good looking out Fran, good looking out.


America Least Blog (April 5, 2008)



Thereafter, the following was posted by America Least: "UPDATE: This was mentioned by Dick Wiess on his blog for the New York Daily News. That kind of changes what I said before. 'Providence is focusing its search on Ohio U coach Tim O’Shea, Brown coach Craig Robinson and Will Browne of SUNY-Albany.'" America Least Blog (April 5, 2008) (quoting Dick Wiess, New York Daily News Blog (April 5, 2008)).


Perhaps the NY Daliy News Blog confirms the rumor, or, perhaps, it merely followed what was posted on the Providence Blog (probably not).

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The AP is reporting from the Daily News Blog of Dick Weiss--which is in several National Dailies today--- says Will Brown of UAlbany, Craig Robinson of Brown and Tim O'Shea of Ohio University are the focus of the Providence Coaching search. The job was offered to George Mason Coach, Jim Larranaga. Larranaga was offered a generous package by Providence, but decided to accept an extension to stay at George Mason. All of the coaches mentioned are at the Final Four in San Antonio, and supposedly have met or spoken with Providence officials or their representatives.


I've heard from people in Providence, that after Larranaga, their main candidate is the Brown Coach, Craig Robinson.

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From the TU blog


UAlbany athletic director Lee McElroy e-mailed this morning to say Providence hasn’t asked for his permission to speak with Will Brown about its coaching vacancy. Such permission is required by Brown’s contract.


Obviously, it’s possible that could change in the next few days, and we’ll keep you updated on any developments.


Providence athletic director Bob Driscoll is at the Final Four in San Antonio and, according to the Providence Journal, was expected to meet with coaches who are on his “short list” beginning Saturday. Brown is also in San Antonio, along with most of his coaching brethren.


The New York Daily News, without citing sources, reported last night that Providence is focusing its search on Brown, Ohio’s Tim O’Shea and Brown’s Craig Robinson.

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Believe nothing you read and 1/2 you see.


If Providence is even a slight bit interested in Brown that's a compliment to him and to the UA program.


I'm sure when Brown returns to UA after the Final Four his primary focus will be on keeping us competitive in the AE. After 2 consecutive trips to the NCAAs and a somewhat disappointing tie for 2nd in regular season AE play this season (who would ever have thought 4 or 5 years ago that we would say disappointing 2nd place) I'm sure his desire/expectations are as high as ours.


If he were to be lucky enough to be offered a Big East job or an A10 job, I think it would be a no brainer.

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The right Big East or A-Ten job! :D


Providence is such a tough place to move up. Good financially for Will, competitively however Providence has monetary issues with most of its sports. Unlike Georgetown and Marquette, while hoops is the focus at this school they do not have the same resources to compete with most Big East schools (like the previous Catholic schools I mentioned). Not sure why Providence is what it is...but they are hard pressed to make moves in the BE.


Now, a school that COULD have an open position that scares me is UMASS. It would make a bit more sense and Will would not have to uproot his ENTIRE family in a sense that it is such a short trip for both his wife's and his own family to visit.


UMASS' issues are two: terrible fan support. My roommie is on an Alumni board there and he was saying the fan support was pathetic for the size of the arena...even when they are winning games. Second, is money. UMASS really wants to push for FCS football. As a former Executive Commonwealth employee I can tell you that it will never, ever happen with Commonwealth funds. So, the school and alumni will be footing the bill. If George Mason gets football (I think this is likely in the near future), UMASS will be looking for a new home. I think before they join a league with UA....they will make the jump to FCS.


This will require millions in funding...in the range of an initial investment of 100mm (stadium, other facilities, marketing, recruiting, etc.). With the school also pushing hockey hard, basketball will suffer mightily in the funding dept.


All that said, clearly if FORD LEFT--or if Will was offered any high level A-Ten job--it would be a clear stepping stone to the next level. Anythin lower than the top 6 schools in the A-Ten...not so sure if it is a step up. Quite frankly, unlike Siena, Albany has the size and finances to be a mini-Gonzaga in 3-4 years...especially if this crop pans out.


I for one, cannot fault him if he did indeed leave for the jobs that MAY become available.


Providence-- Meeh...he can do better.

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D96 - I'm pretty much in agreement with you and I don't spend much time thinking about Coach making a jump because right now I think he lacks name appeal for BE and A10 alums and fans.


As far as football and hockey at UMASS I would assume Brown has concerns about funding of a UA FB stadium if the State legislature short changes our proposal and then will we be forced to start "robbing peter to pay paul" to fund our much desired and needed FB stadium!


In order to keep progressing our athletic programs will take a big flow of money and if it isn't available we could be in trouble. Just think of some of UA's needs ( as a new DI member) FB Stadium, Track, Baseball/Softball etc. as in most places finances will be a major concern.

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I agree with you there....I'm not sure he has the name appeal yet after going 15-15 in a 27th ranked confrence. Even though he went to back to back NCAA's the big programs are looking for the guy who is on FIRE now. I believe coach Brown will back in that position if not after this season then after the next two or so as I think he has the program once again heading up.


If he did move to providence or any other HIGH major confrence (or top 6 in the A-10) who here could blame him? The man has earned it, I would really love to see though where he takes this team next season and two or three years from now as I think top to bottom he has some of the best talent he's ever had here. Granted, much of it is very very raw right now and who knows if the kids will develop as expected. Anyway, I personally would HATE to lose him but this is the world we live in.


If we do get the State funding as expected from the legislature, I would think coach Brown would be further enticed in sticking around as the program is obviously growing in leaps and bounds. With the potential shakeup in the CAA and other conferences who knows where we could be 3-5 years from now. IMO, he would have to seriously consider sticking around and taking the basketball program to the next level.

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He should have his head examined: PC vs. Oregon State- One is a real $ienaty PAC-10 gig that he will never be able to bring to anywhere near the top. The other...at least they are semi-competitive.



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