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WTT to SEFCU arena

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Great news.


In my mind this does at least three things.


One, it means a check for UA. UA is not doing this for free.


Second, it bolsters the argument for the stadium. One of the arguments for the stadium is that it's a community asset that can be used by a wide range of organizations (high school football playoffs, music concerts etc)


Lastly, it gets more people onto the campus. If they like what they see they may be more likely to recommend UA to their kid or other potential prospects. This brings folks onto campus that may never have been on campus or would come otherwise! It also means a different population from the Giants crowd. I've heard people say they would come to a game (SEFCU or University Field) but don't know where it's at. The next time they see an ad for a basketball game at the SEFCU, they won't have that excuse.


It's small but good news.

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financially, how does this help UA? explain to me how hosting all these events doesn't give money for some upgrades?



From the glass half-full perspective it might make up for some of the funding lost through state budget cuts.


According to a story in the Jan. 16 edition of Capital District Business Review "UAlbany has asked McElroy to cut spending in his $13 million budget by up to 10 percent. At the same time as much as 10 per cent of the school's donors and sponsors -- inlcuding auto dealers -- have cut back or eliminated their contributions amid the sour economy".



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Jim Coyne says the Armory can make up the revenue with one concert, so the financial gain to UA will be minimal. But the crowds in Schenectady were a lot larger than last year in Albany, so the community asset/campus publicity aspect is stronger.

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Jim Coyne says the Armory can make up the revenue with one concert, so the financial gain to UA will be minimal. But the crowds in Schenectady were a lot larger than last year in Albany, so the community asset/campus publicity aspect is stronger.



I also took what Coyne said as a bit of "sour grapes." But that was just the impression I got.


If nothing else, Ana Kournikova will be in the building next year. :D

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While seeing new uses for the SEFCU is definitely encouraging, the WTT is not providing much of an economic windfall.


In the WTT season there are probably 5-6 home games, but the rosters for most of those matches will be filled with journeymen and relatively obscure tennis players. About once a season one of the bigger draws (in recent years Roddick, Kournikova, Serena, etc.) will play for one of the teams and you can expect a good crowd for those matches.


So, you get probably one good draw a year, and then a bunch a matches for which they have a lot of trouble giving away tickets. Last year, for example, I was offered free tickets to two or three of the matches through my membership affiliation with WTT, but I never took them up on the offer.


Still, it will be nice to see a court in the arena (maybe they could open it to the public and charge for court time), and it will attract some attention to the University.

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2009 Advanta WTT Pro League

Marquee Player Draft


The 2009 Advanta WTT Pro League Marquee Player Draft featured some of the biggest names in tennis history - John McEnroe, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Anna Kournikova, Martina Navratilova, Michael Chang, and Bob and Mike Bryan. Collectively their total titles include 760 professional tour singles and doubles titles among them, including 115 Grand Slam championships and a few Olympic Gold Medals.


Two of the Pro League teams will be playing at new homes this summer. John McEnroe (pictured) and the New York Sportimes move to a spectacular new $15 million facility on Randall's Island in New York City which opens in 2009. Their Empire State rivals, the New York Buzz, will try to defend their 2008 Championship in their new location at the University at Albany.


Schedules will be released by the end of February and team rosters will be finalized on March 31, when the Roster Player Draft is held in Miami.

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Advanta WTT Pro League Marquee Player Draft Selections:


Washington Kastles: Serena Williams


Philadelphia Freedoms: Venus Williams


Boston Lobsters: Martina Navratilova








ST. LOUIS ACES: Anna Kournikova


NOTE: Springfield Lasers, Newport Beach Breakers and New York Buzz did not draft marquee players on their team.


I don't know why...

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World Team Tennis is giving away tickets to its members for these matches. This voucher needs to be used tonight, and although it was sent to me, I think a call to the ticket office might get somebody in, if they are interested. Let me know. As it mentions in the e-mail, this team is VERY young.




As a World TeamTennis Member, WTT invites you to see the New York Buzz

play at their new home in the air-conditioned SEFCU Arena on the

University of Albany Campus. Free secure parking available!


You are entitled to one (1)FREE general admission ticket on Opening Day,

Friday, July 3rd vs the Philadelphia Freedoms.


Please print this email and present it, along with a photo ID, to recieve

your free ticket. (This offer is good as long as tickets are available.)

Match begins at 7:30pm.


This season's highlights include Venus Williams (Philadelphia) who returns

to Capital District on Thursday, July 9 and Martina Navratilova (Boston)

on July 14. Come see the Buzz play their 7 home matches and cheer on the

youngest team in WTT history. Four top U.S. junior prospects make up this

squad of rising stars.


The World TeamTennis Professional League season runs from July 2-26, 2009.

Tickets for all matches are now on sale and can be purchased by calling

518-378-BUZZ or visiting the NY Buzz online at www.nybuzzwtt.com.


Thank you for playing World TeamTennis and enjoy the match! Visit us on

the web at www.wtt.com!


Delaine Mast

National Director, World TeamTennis Recreational Leagues



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After 900 attended Friday, next match is tonight

Gazette story


Singh said everything went smoothly at SEFCU Arena, except that the arena itself and the parking lot weren’t marked well enough for first-time visitors to the campus.

“A lot of people who have never been to Albany have no idea where everything was. It’s not my campus, so we can’t put up any signs. Everything was fine. It was nice and cool, and the tennis was fantastic. But how are people supposed to find you?”

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I forgot to post this earlier, but here is what Navratilova had to say after playing in fron of a crowd of 1,600:


"The lights could be better in here," Navratilova said afterward. "But it's always fun to play in front of an enthusiastic crowd. I wish we could have done better, but it's great to be out there playing against some of the new blood."

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