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What kind of stadium does $60 million get you?


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This is JMU's new stadium design. Total cost =$62 million. Construction to begin the day after this season ends.


They have a stadium now, but it will be completely demolished.


Phase I - which costs $62 million, will get them 25,000 seats.

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If Chancellor Zimpher wants to put SUNY on the map, that will mean adding to both academics and athletics. Something is really wrong when high schools have better facilities then the state university. I believe the chancellor understands this necessity and I would expect her to support us.

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Danefan, I know that we could have a suitable venue for much less, but we've been pretty much excluded regarding athletic facilities expenditures at the university centers. We should be next in line to receive some assistance from the state, although the current economic crisis has delayed this. This aid, when it does come may be our best chance to get the facilities we want, versus a facility which will suffice. That's why I have always held out for building the stadium, rather than simply upgrading university field. I realise, we're all getting tired of waiting, but I am willing to give the new chancellor and president some time to get this accomplished.

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I know that its not just for the stadium, but most don't. However the figure for the stadium was last rumored to be around $40-45 million. Still too much.


Gotcha. But, when you said...


BTW, I posted this to highlight my point that we don't need anything near a $60 million stadium.


...it seemed like you were perpetuating the thought that it costs that much rather than offering the correct info.


And the title of the thread is "what kind of stadium does $60 million get you."

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