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OOC After action review

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Now that we've put a bow on the OOC...where are peoples heads at?


Some of my observation...


- 7-8 albeit against a weeks schedule is good, especially for a team that won a total of seven games last season. Win against LCC highlights the OOC slate.


- Starting 5 is solid...I'd put them up against anyone else in the AE.


- Depth is a HUMONGOUS concern for me as in we don't really have any outside of Metcalf and Watts. Games on a quick turnaround are going to be a problem the rest of the season especially if we are driving/flying long distances.


- Ambrose finally matured into the player we all thought he could be, Logan is a defensive liability especially in the man to man and really needs to do something about his inefficiencies on the offensive end. Black has to figure out how to get his a/t ratio above 1. Puk and Devlin will be good but both are very green and need more seasoning. Consistence for all starters (outside of Ambrose) is an issue but understandable since we are running 4 underclassmen out there.


- The bottom of the AE is weak, we need to find a way to feast on the drags of the AE and steal what we can from BU, UVM, Maine and UNH when we can. An 8-8 record in AE play would be very nice to see.


- Overall I'd give the OOC performance a solid B or B+, honestly better then I expected even though I'm disappointed with how it ended.

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I would like to stop hearing that we were out toughed in games. Someone needs to step up and get into opponents faces if theyre getting pushed around. Im seriously worried that teams game plan will be to bang around our players. Unh has got some big physical players in the front court. Puk, devlin and metcalf will have their hands full. Yhe loss of moore really hurt the bench even though he didnt play much. I mean this guy was suppose to be our deffensive stopper like hastings. Any word on hatcher?

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Here's my midterm grades:




The specific breakdowns seem to be defensive rebounding and turnovers. I think our frontcourt has done a solid job, but all three need to defensive round better- our guards actually rebound fairly well (Timmy at least).


As for the bench, I'm beginning to suspect that Brown just doesn't have the personnel to run a deeper bench- this hasn't been a problem in the frontcourt, I think our frosh/soph trio have been fairly interchangeable parts- but we need some help/spark/ from our backup front court players. After last night, I think it comes down to Tartt's desire. How does it not eat him alive that Iati gets more minutes than him even though he's more skilled than Iati in every single manner, but Iati's heart is just bigger and he never lets up... a focused Tartt would be huge for this team but Will Brown's light use of him indicate that we won't see that.

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We have had a halftime lead in 10 of the 15 games. We lost 3 of those. We also gave up leads in several but hung on to win. There is no game where we came back from a halftime deficit to win.


I'm not sophisticated enough to know whether this points to a lack of depth or not being able to keep up with the opposition's half time adjustments, or something else.


The OOC results have been better than I anticipated, but I'll admit that I'm still somewhat surprised by our defensive inabilities and general lack of quickness.

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I have been out of town with grand kids all week and missed last two games. I appreciate the blog updates. My two cents on OCC and the future is as most seem to be saying: OCC successful overall but bench/ backup point big concern. I do not think this will be as big a problem in the AE as it was OCC, but still a concern. My thoughts for what they are worth are: perhaps some sort of rotation with Tim at the point to rest Black some; OR choose a backup point and stick with him for better or for worst until death us do part. I do not know if Tartt is the answer or Iati (still very low opinion on Watts), but it is obvious Black needs to rest and the rotating backup seems to get us totally out of our offense, and no one has been at least a lock down defensively; so might as well stick with someone and try to weather through. OR as first suggestion let tim hold the fort while Black gets a breadth.


Anyhow, I'll be back too late for UNH bring one home for me and let's get off to a good start AE. Thanks for all the blog info, will have my stadium comments next week; seems things maybe happening---count me in with shovel, pitch fork and yes cash.

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A few thoughts before conference play kicks off:


Things have been better than I expected so far, until the last three games. Prior to the Colgate game we were playing with determination (I'd say scrappy but with a team called the Great Danes I'm wary of Scooby Doo references.) I thought we looked little satisfied the last couple of games, maybe thinking we could turn it off and on as needed. As shown, that didn't work against a decent, fresh Wagner team.


I'm not sure how we're such a bad free throw shooting team. Metcalf is the only guy I'd say is a poor free throw shooter and he's actually been a little better the past few games.


I'm liking the freshman a lot. Two freshman starters, both ranked in the conference - Puk in blocks, Devlin in rebounding. They're going to be up and down but it should be fun watching them.


Like everyone else, I'm really hoping for more from Tartt. The door couldn't be more wide open for him. Watts has been hurt, Coach Brown has said he's like to rest the big three more and there really isn't anyone else for those spots. He's more of a natural shooting guard to me than a PG but I don't really care where he plays. I'd just like to see him look more confident and comfortable out there.

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