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vs Fairleigh Dickinson


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Sunday, Nov 27


4:00 pm



Fairleigh Dickinson last game was a loss to Lafayette 85-74 on Tuesday.


They are 1-3 in the NEC with their one win against St. Peter's.


The losses were to Providence (72-61), Lehigh (72-61) and Lafayette (85-74).


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To turn the page on the rough SBU game....this is an easy game to dismiss because of the record and the shalacking we gave them last year -- but this might be a tough game.


Here's a preview with NYCBuckets about FDU: They have JUCO all-american Lonnie Hayes (not to be confused with Lenny) and a Duquense transfer who both scoring 16+ PPG

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I posted this under the football thred but feel it relates here too!!!!


Good Morning Fellow Great Dane Fans and Supporters....


I, like many of you, sat watching my computer or listening to the game call on radio. The game featured mostly positive moments. During those tiumes, I found myself screaming or banging on my desk. It was a great game to watch as it was football at the finest sense....mixing in all aspects of the game. The Great Dane players should be proud on getting to this point and the way they played and acted both during the finest moments and then through the end.


Albany has a great history of providing a fine education. When I attended the school, it was mostly New Yorkers and the athletes were local talents since the programs were at the division 3 level. Well, it is not like that anymore. The education is well regarded across the United States and in some cases, features the best prgram you can find and the sports programs are beginning to make a name for themselves. Not every school, especially those that do not have the funding in place can be a Michigan or Notre Dame or Florida in terms of sports. As a mid major, Albany is doing pretty well for itself. Look at the championships. Go to the athletes weight room and see the banners. And now the football team gets one too. Where it also shows is that the talent is now coming outside of the boarders of New York and reaching across our country and now, even the world. That is a testiment to our coaches who play two roles, first as salesman to 17 and 18 year old kids and then as coaches and teachers once they arrive on the campus. These scholar athletes deserve quality facilities to go along with their quality education.


There must be something that we can do as a community of alumni and supporters to convince the administration of this fine university that an investment in college athletics is a wise one. It is time for the university to stop fighting with the community and allow the two to join together to strengthen our fan base and attendance at events. Our success in football is wonderful, but here are 18 other sports out there that need support (and upgraded facilities) too. New facilities that can be used by the community should be welcomed not protested!


There are few situations where Albany is not in the conference championship discussion. While that conference is the America East....remember that our friends at Stony Brook are right there with us. The only difference, they have facilities. Look at the football stadium, the baseball stadium. Our athletes deserve that.


Over the past month I have read many opinions from you all...the passion shows for sure....lets use that passion to impress the administration to do something new. There is a new president coming to the university....we need to get to him or her early so that they know how important athletics is at UAlbany. I am not only an alumni but a proud parent of a UA athlete. The time is right to go to the next level! LETS GO DANES!

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Informed by a BPF member that Suero was in crutches earlier today, tweaked his ankle and game time decision. He is out on the court during warm ups right now and looks fine. Hopefully whatever the issue was it won't affect his game today.

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Congrats to Tanner Gibson for his first career point yesterday. Pretty sure he had family there to see him as well.


I did enjoy the "flat lineups" -- a bunch of mostly 6'5 guys.


I liked that lineup also. I think that was who was on the floor during the 13-0 run during the end of the first half. It seemed like on defense we were able to switch on every screen because all our defenders had the same match-up.


After Blake Metcalf's offensive onslaught last night we've had 8 different players score in double figures this year. 3 different players scoring over 20.

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I'm a little late, but that was one of the better offensive performances I've seen in the last 3 years. I don't know how good FDU is but we had a number of people score and we scored in all sorts of ways. Layups in the half court set?? Put backs. Fast breaks. Threes. Pull ups. Just fun to watch (which is one of my things).


I even saw Coach trying to get Gibson to look up court after he grabbed a loose ball and Seuro was ahead of the field. And that was with a big lead. Love it.


Did anyone else think that Coach and the FDU coach were jawing after the technical foul? Not 100% but as the officials were looking at the replay it really looked like they were "shouting" towards one another.

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