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Football...looking ahead...rebuild or reload?

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Now that the dust has settled, a look at the Senior day list and the two-deep leaves me a bit uneasy. The biggest hit to graduation would appear to be the O-Line, 4 of 5 starters plus the back-up center. EB's production (assuming he comes back full strength) could be diminished by a new set of linemen. How much experience did they get this year? Second will be the loss of Nicastro, Logan and Morrison, basically the heart of the LB corps. Another huge hit , both in talent and in leadership. Rahsaan Clark is another big loss to the D. One of the biggest losses I feel (and one that may not get as much mention) is Jon Martin. As a punter he was a tremendous weapon for the program. Not sure how his backup will be, right now it's Starke.


So let's see what the current red-shirted players and the new 2017 class will bring. I would like to think that as we shed the remaining players of the NEC era and replace them with CAA recruited players the size, strength and athletic talent should increase, at least incrementally and perhaps over the entire unit. But talent and heart and leadership is not reserved for CAA recruits. Nicastro is a baller, plain and simple, the O-Line grew in experience and inspired confidence in the coaching staff. So let's see what 2017 brings. They exceeded my expectations in 2016 and have seemingly scratched their way to the middle ground of the CAA. Were it not for injuries to our top 2 receivers and inconsistent QB play, I think we would have been firmly in the middle of the pack and playing this coming weekend.



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Dane 96 is correct. They are still building the roster. This program will be reloading every year very soon.


The loss of our LB's will hurt the most. The loss of the Punter will also hurt. Their FG kicker is off the charts. Consistently kicked touch backs last week. They were low line drives but almost impossible to return. He did miss a chip shot after draining a 50 yarder.


The OL was experienced but it wasn't like they dominated every game, in fact once Hanks gut hurt last weekend the replacement back struggled because the OL struggled and clearly the replacement isn't Hanks. Point is Hanks did a bunch on his own. He was often hit in the backfield but broke tackles and got positive yards or scored. If he is 100% (and he should be) next year that will help. But Villanova, Delaware and Maine loaded the box and held him in check. The OL should be bigger this year and by game 3 or 4 they should solidify.


It goes without saying they need an upgrade at QB. JUCO or Transfer.


On a final (sour) note should Samford or Weber really be in the playoffs instead of Albany? Coach G was right, a complete sham.

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I think we need linebackers and OLine depth. I think transfers for both areas as I don't know how good the returning players are. I think Julian Cox and Eli Mencer can do the job at OLB but I'm. Ot sure who's behind them. I don't know that Thompson is the answer at MLB. On the OLine - I know everyone said they were experienced but I'm not sure how good they really were - seemed like Sussman was always running for his life.


A transfer running back would be good as well - can't have Hanks running the ball 30 times a game.


Lastly, I'm not convinced we have the right OC. Maybe getting Brunson more reps will make everyone look better.

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GG on Coach's Corner: "I expect the majority of our staff to be back and keep the integrity of the staff."


I know he hasn't determined anything yet, and even if he had he wouldn't say it, but why did I groan "Nooooo!!!" when I heard it?

OC better not be back.

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