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Hated the timeout and not calling one on the last possession before we got the timer on and then just made another silly turnover.


I am not smart enough to figure out the game plan but was surprised at how deliberate Albany was on offense and how in crunch time I would have expected to see the ball in Fields' stick.


Overall the defense played well and JD was terrific in his first start, but saw too many unnecessary slides, and need to shore up the last defensive position.


Did they put a long pole in Zellen's hands?

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Was able to stay away from the score all day and just watched the game. What a heartbreaker after being up by 5 early and then getting no goals for a long stretch and allowing Cuse back into the game. That last goal pisses me off. The defender could've gotten his body on him a little more but a bad angle into the short side of the net, just squeaked in. Unreal that we can't beat this team.

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I was @ the game & watched the replay on espn3 last night. DON'T panic. UA is going to be just fine and TD will also. I doubt we will play against a better defense all year and if Williams is not the best FO in the country he is number two. In spite of the #s, TD competed well @ the X and Williams got a lot of help from the ref's and his wings, while TD did not (as another blog mentioned our wings did not give TD much help--I agree.) I also do not understand the FO rules, but TD got called for 6 violations {3 each half resulting in two penalties & at least 1 goal.} Every single violation except one was called after a lengthly scrum & after UA got possession. Now as I said, I really do not or never have understood the rule but violations are normally called very quickly. In years of watching, I have NEVER seen 5 violations called so late in the scrum??????


All this being said, I thought UA played a hell of a game. cuse is huge especially on offense and they wear you down. Defensively, which really is their strength (even though I was not terribly impressed with their goalie) is perhaps the best we will see all year [Maryland may be better?] UA went almost two periods without a goal (early in the second until early in fourth) while cuse size and physicality kept beating away. Note, cuse did not exactly light it up in that span either {scoring just 6.} Someone commented about 3 being taken away, but all 3 crease violation were very obvious and called very quickly. Believe me Syracuse ref's would NOT have called them if there was any doubt.


As always, these are my opinions and observations. Feel free to disagree, comment & panic! if so inclined.

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I actually thought I knew the faceoff rules until yesterday. TD got tripped and pushed a lot and the Danes didn't get any of those calls. I think Williams only won three or so clean and none was he was able to pinch and pop and come out on a fast break.


I just rewatched the game and in another thread I said I thought we might have been too deliberate but after watching we just stopped shooting and Malloy made some really nice saves, we threw the ball away a few too many times, and missed a couple of close on opportunities.


I would like to see Connor get the ball more off a pick and then create rather than at X, and after watching again I really don't like how we did and didn't use the timeout at the end of the game.

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After absorbing the game for 24 hours... I step to the side of optimism.


There are a few facets that could have been better...

-time out calls

-faceoff help from wings



We were running and gunning on offense, getting physical and aggressive on D in the first half.

Seems like we did get too tentative and hesitant. Hated to see those horrible passing turnovers. Ugly.


As for faceoff violations, it's difficult to tell what the actually call is for.... would be curious to know each time.


We had the ball with under 3 minutes to go, with a man-up... we had our chance at the end.


First game of the season against Cuse.... a challenge for sure.

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Cuse got highly aggressive in the 3rd... and I don't think we matched their aggressiveness well.


There were a few moments on the clear, including the play where the defender intercepted the

pass, and immediately scored the goal.... all due to their aggressiveness and pressure. I would have liked

to see more immediate running up the field on our clear.... instead of waiting for a player to get open.


One or two clears brought back memories of years past when we had significant difficulties clearing.

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