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[MBB] Game #21: 1/18/18 - 7:00pm - vs UMass-Lowell (5th Annual Coaches Cure CF)

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I dunno...I'm finding it harder and harder to be sold on that...especially this year/last few weeks. Call me a pessimist and I'm more than likely alone on this but we've been successful for a long time now and we haven't parlayed it into much. Actually, I'm wrong. We did get a cool scoreboard. That's something. I guess.


I don't see us leaving the AE anytime soon and I don't see us getting drastically better talent than Joe or David (or at least last years version of David)...even if we do rebuild SEFCU within the next 10 years...


Anyway...here's to hoping we get back on track soon so I can stop being a Debbie Downer lol.



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I know I was one of the guys hyping this teams depth before the season and how this team could be one of the best ever, which on paper did not look that far off.


However, again on paper the last two recruiting classes, counting this year, look very strong. We will hopefully have all 3 redshirt players back next year and it would be a travesty if each of them did not get stronger and better with a full year in our system.


The 2 incoming freshman have been playing extremely well and both have been touted as outstanding gets for our program.


I do think we are improving, however attendance is not, and the overall picture of the basketball program has only improved a little.


Is that because we are in the AE? Is that because the Sefcu is not state of the art? Is that because our basketball budget is on the small side, (smaller than Siena's).


I honestly don't know. But we are a constantly winning program with a chance to win a lot of games year in an year out, which is a hell of a lot better then our friends down the street.

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I think the fact that we're discussing the relative disappointment at being 3-3 in conference play..after a 12-3 OOC..shows just how far our success has gotten us. We'd love to be in a position where we're competing for a conference title/NCAA bid very year. And you can make an argument that we are after a hit and miss..at best..first 10 years in the conference. We've now had a winning AE record every season since 10-11, an overall record at least 4 games over .500 since 11-12, 3 NCAA trips, 3 more postseason bids, 1 additional AE title game appearance and have 4 20+ win seasons over the last 5. There's a reason teams like Hartford and Binghamton go nuts when they actually beat us. We're now regularly competitive enough that we..understandably..get disappointed when we don't hit our lofty expectations.


And for attendance..I'm not getting too worked up about for two reasons. First..prices have gone up quite a bit over the past few years..between tickets, parking, etc. It's no longer a cheap night out. Not saying those higher prices are wrong..just that attendance then shouldn't be viewed in the same way it was 2-3+ years ago. Given the price increases and total attendance..revenue should be much higher. If that's the goal..then they've achieved it. Second..knowing that attendance figures are never an exact science..I've been even more baffled with this year's figures than the past. Best example was the Kent State game. Having been to hundreds of games at SEFCU..it looked like there were easily 3k for the Kent State game..but reported attendance was 2500. The couple OOC and AE games right before and right after looked like 2k at very best.. but were reported a low to mid 2k.

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