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Re-calibrating expectations on the season...


Re-calibrating expectations on the season...what sayeth thou?  

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I shoulda made the votes public :P. Who said we're gonna win out AND win an NCAA game? lol. I have a better chance of going from Sr. Analyst to CEO in the next 3 months than that happening, IMO.

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I started the season with a 13-3 conference prediction, which is still possible, but I'm not thinking the team has the heart for that. I'm adjusting to 11-5. A split with Vermont, and one more head scratching loss.


I'll still give Brown the edge in the conference tournament, but my hopes of watching 3 games at SEFCU in March are pretty much gone now.


Could happen if we win out, including beating UVM twice, and someone else beats them, but I'm not holding my breath. Pre season I thought NH would beat them in NH to end the conference winning streak, but I'm now thinking that the best chance for a UVM third loss would be at UMBC as UVM plays there for the opening of the new arena.


Not giving up hope yet, but confidence is definitely shaken.

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I got 9-7 at this point...


Which isn't far from our usual AE record, true, but we ALL thought this year would be different because we had on paper an impressive OOC AND on paper had a SUPER deep team. Neither of those things really panned out as expected.

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One poor game with no energy, you blame the players for taking a team for granted.


Two games with no energy, you blame the captains for not inspiring their team.


3.5 games (including the second half of the Maine game) you have to throw the blame at the coach for doing something wrong. Not connecting with the bench to get them to buy in to his system. Not finding a way to get Nichols to change his game if the wrist is affecting his shot. Not doing whatever it takes to motivate the team to play hard against an 0-3 team.


It is hard to play in Maine on Sat. then Bing on Monday, and you can blame the scheduler for that, but at least those two games were supposed to be against the bottom of the league. Something has to change. I'm afraid we just went from a 13/14 seed if they can beat UVM in the chip to being a 15/16/PIG.


All isn't lost, but it's feeling bleak.

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I posted this on AE board...There is one significant glaring problem, when/if that gets fixed, UA will get much better.


Top 2 seed is still in play, they are two games back in loss column against UNH and UMBC. Lose on Sunday to UMBC and #2 seed is gone.

Vermont IMO is going to run away with it again, I think someone will tag them for a loss, maybe even 2 in the AE but they will go into the playoffs with a couple game lead on #2 .

As for Albany, Albany is 4-5 in the last 9 games since going 10-1. The alarming thing is they are losing to teams ranking-wise they were dusting off earlier in the year (Iona-120, BU-206, Yale-196, Canisius-156 etc.) all of a sudden right after the Siena game they tanked...losing to Hartford-257, UNH-237, Bing-254. I mean they hung with 37-Louisville losing by 2 and now they can't seem to beat anyone. They look tired with the exception of Maine game and even in the second half of that game they were lethargic. I don't know why but the bench is the worst bench in the AE, Brown refuses to bring in anyone of the bench as apparently none of them can help. He's going heavy 7 deep sometimes will get an 8th kid in there but that's been pretty much it. As a result, their offense is trending down as they don't have the legs.

They still don't defend anyone...this is a really disappointing team right now. I'd give it a solid D+ so far this year. When they are on they can beat anyone but they can literally lose to anyone in the AE. The most shocking thing to me is the bench at this point and the play of Campbell and Nichols. Both of these guys are lost, absolutely lost. Nichols specifically, starts out the year on a rampage...his offensive rating in games to start the year has been Iona-134, BU-114, Yale-68, Dartmouth-117, HC-133, Monmouth-68, Colgate-104, Columbia-135, Bryant-129...and then his season hit a brick wall. His ORating since has been 81,88,54,89,92,94,60,131,76,63. I don't know what on earth happened but he's been a disaster since the Bryant game. I don't know what you do with him or how you get him out of this funk but he's broken badly right now. His offensive rating in 2017 season in conference play was 111.2, this year...85.7. He literally looks like one of the worst guards in the conference. No one could have possible expected that. His strength is his offense, when he is dangerous, it opens up the floor for Cremo and Charles. When he's a complete zero and pressing and chucking shots Albany is done for. It's no surprise they are struggling like they are. Watch Nichols closely, if he starts to turn it around, you'll see a different Albany team. If he doesn't...it's very easy to beat Albany...Limit Cremo's shots like Bing did last night and Albany has no chance.

If Brown gets this thing back on the rails Albany will be OK, right now it could go either way. I know people slam Nichols, but he is a really talented guard and when he's cooking like most of last season and first half of this season he opens up the offensive flow for the rest of the team. He doesn't do the rest of PG "stuff" well enough to still be a big ++ when his shot isn't falling. Need to get him right!
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