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  1. Yeah, Mac inherited what Abe left, and did not do much with it. I have some patience with Mullen.
  2. Also, de Sousa's family (along with a bunch of us) were all over the refs to check the clock after the late whistle on the intentional foul on Rizzuto. The second they added back on was big!
  3. Long time no post, but I was there last night and that ending was AMAZING! Walk-off FT for the win!
  4. I was pretty down on the team after the loss at Hartford, but that is a big road win against Bingo. Good bounce-back, showing some growth as they season progresses as well.
  5. I honestly don't quite know what to expect from the team this year. Like the men's team, a bunch of new faces after some unexpected departures. A new coach and new system to get put in place, I can see a middle-of-the-road finish from the team this year. Which is tough to say, after so many years of dominance.
  6. Glad there is a local NYC game, I am sure there will be a happy hour ahead of the LIU-Brooklyn game like there was a few years ago.
  7. Honestly, I think I am in favor of unconditional releases for all transfers, in any sport.
  8. I don't think that Gillette Stadium will need a recording of "Purple and Gold", as plans are in motion to send the band to the games, if it can be arranged. If it works out, I plan on being there, trumpet in hand. EDIT. No go for Saturday.
  9. The game was so much fun. Two moments that stood out to me were when Troy Reh knocked the Denver player over in transition to get the ball back (sorry for my lack of lacrosse terminology) and the goal where they scrambled behind the net after causing a turnover to put it in. I was soaked the whole game (that's what you get when you decide the best way to get to Hofstra is a 4-mile run from the nearest train station), but it was so worth it!
  10. I am not a fan of this font at all. I don't particularly like it on the championship banners, and it isn't a great look on the uniforms. I know it screams "intense!", and maybe it will grow on be, but for now, I give it a 6.5/10.
  11. I think it was mentioned elsewhere, but it would be an interesting opportunity to reach back out to one of Coach Abe's assistants to offer the opportunity to run the program here.
  12. There must be some protocols in place for what to do in this sort of situation. Likely assistants until they make a move?
  13. Campbell has been underrated disappointing. He hasn't been the defensive stopper he was last year, and he really is not an option on offense. Not enough of a perimeter game, and not productive inside. Need more from a 3.
  14. Similar to how the men's team can be thrown out of sorts when Charles gets in foul trouble early, the women's team looked lost once Fequiere had to sit early. They were cold from 3 most of the game, hit a few when it mattered. Tiana-Jo Carter gutted out her 22 points, she could barely walk as the game went on, yet she was out there. The freshmen look pretty composed out there, and Trpcic plays a ton of minutes and continues to do a pretty good job. Intense game, good win!
  15. On paper, Iona, Yale, Memphis, Louisville, Kent St. are supposed to be pretty good games. I would also say that the teams that were on our schedule were expected to be better than they have been. They haven't been, which has hurt our SOS and RPI. But hey, you can only play the teams you schedule.
  16. Travis was excellent. He just constantly hits what he's given. My favorite moment had to be Cremo hitting his uncontested 3 in the first half, you knew he was going to make them pay for leaving him wide open. Good composure down the stretch, and Clark provided some important minutes too. While Clareth might have a smooth stroke, he has no emotional control. Not sure if it's indicative of him or his coach, but it was really apparent tonight.
  17. I thought I remember seeing something that she was injured and out until the start of conference play? Not 100% sure though.
  18. So far, seems like the team has played pretty well, especially without Imani. Haven't seen that much of them, but aside from a loss to St. John's, they seem to be playing as expected.
  19. The video was pretty funny. At first, everyone was laughing except for Imani, who had a "you cannot be serious" face on, but even after that, she started laughing as well. It is what it is. As I have said to fellow band members, just because this is the 6th year in a row, and the worst seeding, you still have to treat this like your first time in the tournament, and maybe your last. Don't take the opportunity for granted, even if the odds are incredibly stacked against you. Only 64 schools get into this tournament every year. Have to make the most of it.
  20. I'll be down at IFCU tonight, thankful that it is a 7:30 (allowing me to hop a train right after work). Should be an intense atmosphere, but the pep band and others will be down there, so there will be some purple. Let's do this!
  21. Big to have the game on home court. And as said above, I have a feeling Imani comes out cooking on both ends of the floor. Go Danes!
  22. I will also say that she is very talented, and that I give Coach Mac credit for protecting her now, not over exposing her. I got to see her play 3 games in person earlier in the year, and she had some hesitation with her shooting, which has gone away a bit now.
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