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  1. 2018 Bracket Challange

    I didn't do a bracket. Just bought tickets for Boston without worrying who would be here
  2. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Home and home or end it. No reason to subsidise that program. Let them try to find another game that can get 10,000 fans and let them find money from other places if they are looking to buy out fatsos πŸ˜ƒ Personally I would not travel to LCC
  3. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Teams not officially announced yet on their website even though hockey teams for a hockey tournament including Union have been announced 2 months ago. In 2017 , the hockey and basketball were back to back weekends in Belfast http://www.belfastbasketballclassic.com/teams/
  4. Wow That was a bad loss for UMass Lowell on 2/24
  5. 2018 Bracket Challange

    And just like that the 16 happens
  6. 2018 Bracket Challange

    I was rooting for Eric Eaton, but I still think we will see a 16 beat a 1 before we will see a maac team in sweet 16πŸ˜ƒ
  7. Yes. Matchup should be announced after 9 pm Monday
  8. That is the men's nit I think. The women's under event info says each of the 32 leagues has an automatic qualifier, the team not in the NCAA with the highest regular season finish in their conference
  9. Albany is listed now
  10. Lots of info at women'snit.com Pretty sure both nit's are now run by NCAA and not pay to play 64 team field in women's nit
  11. There is a reason the game is 60 minutes πŸ˜ƒWin or lose this game helps a lot more than playing a team on rt 9 and not being tested at all. Plus the way the won in the 4th quarter was great
  12. Poll Question

    I am just looking forward to the snow ending and seeing lacrosse, baseball and softball. I saw 1 lacrosse game this year and no baseball or softball. Generally I see 100 baseball games a year. Will be seeing college world series and lacrosse championship this year. Both next season for football and basketball can wait. This basketball season still has sweet 16 for me before it is over
  13. 2017-18 Season

    DP I have no problem with 10 of the teams. Went down to support Iona tonight. The place is so much better without the idiots in the stands and without the curse words on the court
  14. Recruiting - 2017

    Yep... They have resources we don't have... Training facilities etc. Let's hope for another failed hire... There is a strong rumor he's fired Tuesday, day after maac tourney ends.Their training facilities are that much better? For what, basketball? I have no clue so would like some more details if you can/want to elaborate. $13.5M enhancement of Marcelle Athletic Complex Do not know if that makes them better, but theyre spending money It says they will have a seating capacity of 2,148. Maybe with the upgrades they can compete with leMoyne
  15. DP I will go in the morning