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  1. I am waiting to see evidence that they are a team. Generally when I think team , I think of sum greater than individual parts
  2. I am not worried about this. I am sure if they don't have a seat for me , someone else will try to sell me a seat. 😃 Another downside to mobile tickets is teams I visit once now call
  3. George Washington up 18 after 3. Looks like Albany will play ETSU at 11 local time tomorrow
  4. Can't talk for DP, but to me it was more Eli pimping 1-6 Florida State win as bigger than same conference Boston college or Washington of pac12
  5. Florida State may be the worst power conference team this season. I certainly don't feel a need to hype them over Washington
  6. Well that is how averages work. They certainly had more than that first game with the berm and away side both full. more than that number for homecoming as well. Definitely less the other games
  7. How are you measuring big name. It isn't the first time a capital region team beat an acc team and this one might be worse than the one that lost last season
  8. Our first game next season is reported to be against a different rams team (fordam) in August . Be surprised if Danes had a different coach until contact is over.
  9. Pick any stat. 0 assists 7 turnovers after 12 minutes might best describe this team. But being down by 29 many to choose from
  10. Yeah. Halfway thru the 1st half, 4 individual St Joe's players had outscored the whole Danes "team". Brutal
  11. Pretty sure this is the 5th game the way they were counting exhibition games in it
  12. You can say it A) By a middle of the pack maac team. B. lowly maac team Either way Albany hasn't shown they can beat teams in the last 2 seasons other than the shocking result last season against BC
  13. Obviously. But I have a certain budget for my games . And if the way they have run football is the example, I don't think I will have to worry about there not being a seat for me. If I am wrong on my assumption , there will always be hockey to see December and January and college baseball and lacrosse starting in February.
  14. Sorry, I missed Jamar. Got into the game late today.
  15. It was a beautiful game to watch. Don't remember the last time I said that. Both offense and defense scored first possession. 85 yard drive and a pick 6.
  16. 😂😂 Lows 50's. That was the score at the end of the 3rd quarter. Temperature was still in the 60's at that point. Actually felt quite warm and it certainly looked like at least one sea clowns fan on the visitor stands was hot under the collar. 😁
  17. The biggest statement on the punishment is that it is more punishment to have to see the $ienaheads than to serve in order. The rest of the oppenents including exhibitions in the suspension is weak. Certainly seems likely a Benson decision
  18. Unless the NCAA changed the rules, you could have closed "secret" scrimmages against D1 schools or open exhibition games vs lower division teams before the official start of the season.
  19. I saw them also. Also saw other alumni, got a scarf and had a few beers . Plenty of good outside of the field.
  20. I heard a few people were there. Apparently there was room for those that showed. I was not one of them.
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