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  1. Hopefully LCC falls to a perfect 0-8 in their next game on 12/12 when they do what their men are again afraid to do. Travel to Albany. They would already be "last" in the AE with losses to Binghamton and unh. Unfortunately I will miss that game but hoping to hear a happy result
  2. As we found out in 2020 certain things are out of my control. I still have $250 of airfare credits from cancelled 2020 flights that are good until September 2022 and probably won't be used before August. But I have been looking forward to the game in Hawaii since it was announced. I plan on going to 2 islands while there. One new and one I have been to on each trip. I only been to the one with Honolulu (twice) and the big island (once) Plenty of time to work on the details. I
  3. That former stadium was relatively near to the airport and Pearl Harbor. The one they are using now doesn't stand out in memory. I saw baseball softball and basketball at university of Hawaii and know that the current stadium is something in that vincinity
  4. No idea what Hawaii is doing with finances. They have at least one nonconference game on their schedule on their website until 2029. For 2023, 5 non conference games listed for them. 3 at home including Stanford the Friday before the Albany game and 2 on the road. Perhaps they got a Friday tv game with Stanford to cover some of this other expenses. Hopefully this game remains on the schedule as 2024 road game to West Virginia isn't nearly as enticing.
  5. Hawaii athletic site shows it as September 9. Assuming it doesn't change, I would probably go August 31 to September 11. Don't you have to wait to see who is coaching then.
  6. You always have the worst case scenario. If they are down by 8 that means the are going to lose by 10 or more. Never that they could turn it around and make a run. Even years when Albany had good teams you usually wanted to fire the coach multiple times during the season. Also the way you describe a typical basketball 3 point shot as a miracle shot. It wasn't rushed. It was a nice shot. Still between 1 and 2 seconds when it went in.
  7. 🤣 Observations fine. But the assumption that they were just going to lose by 10 or more is the seemingly hope of 1 or 2 people.
  8. LOL There are some that are going to complain no matter what. Not the best game, but nice to get win number 1 of the season for the team and coach.
  9. Missed too many free throws and a let down at the end of the half to give back almost the whole lead But I am getting my money's worth.🤣 No charge for admission or parking.
  10. Have the Giants been good since they stopped practicing at university of Albany. The certainly been less relevant. The jets might as well be the lions 😂
  11. Even with "expected result" still a fun place to watch the game and they have the Giants on TV here as well. Watching second half of that one 😂
  12. I didn't watch this game (I was in Baltimore) but really how do you not have a good effort against that hated team
  13. What do you expect a coach to say? Would you be happier if he was the first coach ever to say we are going to lose every game next season.
  14. Well Stony Brook was being Stony Brook. After a UMBC timeout in set 5 serving for the match Stony Brook served right into the net and never got another point.
  15. My point is if they couldn't serve you walk away. When I was at a layover at LAX on the way back from Australia in 2020, the chain sub place screwed up the 2 orders right before mine and when they couldn't even repeat my order back without screwing it up, I told them forget about it. I ordered a basic sandwich , probably turkey LT mayo. You aren't exactly getting the best and brightest at those places in an airport and it isn't worth the hassle to me.
  16. Perhaps you could have provided her a list of places she was allowed to eat and questions that she was allowed to ask 🤣🤣
  17. Coach Marr was just on 104.5 on the drive home talked about 2022 schedule Syracuse at Albany Thursday April 7 is what I remember.
  18. Isn't there a year left on the contract. Be surprised if the AD does something different based on the last game. Even so there is never a time I will root for the sea clowns over the Danes.
  19. Hope you are wrong on the first part. Never want to see the sea creatures win whether I am at the game or not
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