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  1. Still, it astounds me to see the stats from last night. Three point shots 1 for 18....one for 18. About 1 out of 3 from 2pts. Just cracking 50% from the foul line. D1 scholarship players, many of whom have been playing for years, can’t all shoot at once? Game after game? You expect some players to have cold or off nights and normally there’s a couple of hot hands. They are clanking wide open shots. It’s just so bizarre to see. Like most, I can’t fault their effort, because they appear to be really hustling out there.
  2. It will be sad to see him go, but I can't blame him. This team is going nowhere with GG at the helm and the best players want to play for a team that has a chance to compete for a title. Rocco gets canned after a winning record and one league championship and we're stuck with a losing dead end coach for another year.
  3. With any luck, UD will think GG is the second coming of Knute Rockne and lure him away to Newark.....not the Jersey one.....come on Hens! He’s coached at Pitt and Maryland. And did I mention Duquesne??please...make him an offer.....I’m beggin’ ya....
  4. Yes. Sunbelt Conference. Two year transition. Joining no later than 2023. CAA already put the screws to them in terms of a ban from any conference championships. I don’t see Nova going anywhere. Honestly, I think the next big upheaval is either a new division for the P5 schools or them leaving the NCAA entirely. IMHO, only 5% of D1 basketball schools have a shot at a title in any given year and in football, it’s not much different. UConn and UMass football are cautionary tales of the difficulties in getting traction for FBS programs in the Northeast. They’re both floundering and both starting over with new coaches in 2022. Plus, no conference affiliations.
  5. Missed all but a few minutes of the radio call. A win is a win. Nice to have #1 in the book. Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but one of the Eastern Illinois players is a former LCC grad transfer. Just a little sweetener for the 3 point dagger at the buzzer.
  6. Goodbye Casey. Goodbye GDAC. Goodbye UA football. Goodbye FloSports. Just an additional note: The 2021 FCS bracket. CAA has 2, JMU and Nova. JMU is leaving the conference. Missouri Valley has 6 and Big Sky has 5. I am more than a little concerned at this point that the CAA is slipping into mid FCS pack irrelevance and it might no longer be worth it to be a member. Maybe it was just the parity in the conference, I don't know. Losses of teams to FBS over the years, coupled with known Northeast recruiting disadvantages and members dropping football have really put a dent in the CAA (formerly A-10 and Yankee) conference. Like I think Dyslank has said, maybe the NEC was a better spot. I'll admit to being excited about the change and the new stadium, but the decline of the CAA against the rest of the FCS and being saddled with GG has really made me long for the years of NEC dominance.
  7. I forgot when the Giants were last good. I’ve been a fan since the YA Tittle, Gifford, Huff, Robustelli, Grier and Conerly days. This is looking an awful lot like the 1964-1980 disaster period. The last good team was two fired head coaches ago and then he fell apart in year two before being canned.
  8. If you put stock in the Sagarin ratings, UA regressed this year to basically the best team in the NEC. UA only beat the lowest ranked team in the Colonial and the lowest ranked team in the second lowest ranked FCS league...which only beat out the Pioneer conference. Further, there’s only 2 schools, JMU and Villanova, that crack the top 25. So basically, the CAA, top to bottom, had a pretty weak year. And UA only went 1-9. I suppose you could say that most of the CAA, 8 teams to be exact, had conference records of 5-3, 4-4 and 3-5.....which indicates a tough league where most teams feast on each other. Unfortunately for UA, they were the main course except for the one against UNH. Just more proof of how far this program has sunk under GG.
  9. The big difference for me is that about five years ago I truly stopped getting worked up over it. Now, I either don’t watch or just turn it off if the teams are terrible. But yeah, Giants fan on a horse cart with a wobbly wheel and Jets fans hugging a three legged mule with gout. At least us G-Men faithful reached the promised land a few times this millennium lol. Could be worse....we could be Detroit fans. So my teams are now a combined 6-25 for 2021! Ever see the movie “The Cooler”? You’d think these teams would pay me NOT to be their fan.
  10. Yup. Glad you’re having a good time. Gave up on the Giants and climbed into bed. They stink.
  11. Totally forgot the game was tonight....watching NYG and TBB. Oh well....0-5. An expected result.
  12. A reasonable question might be: How does a coach with a rate of pay of $293,619 make $338,545 in a year where the team didn’t play a game? A 15% bump for what? Being upright? Or is it just his contracted base?
  13. Oh, but our pass defense was #2! Well, when you’re #12 in rushing defense, who needs to throw? #1 in opponent penalties...pretty much out of your control and that should have helped win more games than it hurt. Pass offense was #3...because rush offense was #11....couldn’t run, so forced to pass. Nothing about this chart paints a positive picture. And your #1 running back is graduating...and not a single other running back out of the six on the team was even considered as a reliable enough backup at any point in the season. There’s a bang up job of recruiting and coaching right there. Baaah. We all know nothing is going to happen, at least until the contract is up....
  14. They lost 80% of their 2021 games....80%. Eight years into his coaching stint. They were blown out in their last game by their arch rivals. They gave up 321 yards rushing to SBU. They didn’t score until 38 minutes into the game and by then they were down by 26. They gave up another TD on special teams. They fumbled at the 5. The team is broken. The coach has GOT to go. It’s over.
  15. I know absolutely zero about volleyball strategy. Was there a change in strategy that brought about the turnaround or was it just that UA rocked them for two sets and ran out of gas? Records say UMBC should have won and they did. Really fine athletes on both sides.
  16. What else can he say? Just the thought of another year with him at the helm is discouraging. I’d be happier if he said that he has failed to meet the expectations of his position and will be resigning so a new coach can be hired. In a perfect world of course.
  17. Per TU: “We’re going to come back and have a great year in 2022,” Gattuso said in a postgame Zoom call. “That’s exactly what we’re going to do.” Groan....based on what, exactly?
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